saturday 7th may

Posted: 08/05/2011 in Uncategorized

Roz, Alex and me hopped in the car and went to Glasgow, joining Mark, Tim and Simon for a lovely sunny day- until about 6pm when the rain came down in biblical proportions.
But up until then it felt positively summery, sun streaming in the shop, Mark played the Beach Boys, everyone was happy

the first of my two customers today was Gemma, we finished off her flower piece. One of the flowers needed darkening a bit to give us three distinct shades, after the last session the top one had settled to look a bit too similar to the middle one, so i went over some it with a light grey. We also finished of the tendrils

then more flowers  😀
tristan’s backpiece is coming along, this is now most of the colour done, just the kimono to finish off. The background will be kept in black and grey, we will be adding a simple receding landscape to the piece to give it depth

  1. Kitt says:

    Please post that sunflowers photo on Facebook – I’m dying to share it – I love it so much! OK – I think I might need sunflowers on me somewhere!

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