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a blog that includes stay days from before i went to Hamburg, I never got round to writing before I left, it was all a bit hectic. Now it seems like ages ago!

I’m adding to an existing piece that Alex had done in her native USA. The wood nymph/female figure and the frame around her were there already, I added the gnome, flowers, rabbits, a mouse and some background, it’s going to be super cute! I’ve yet to add more detail and finish the colouring of course

Viki’s tengu is finished! The idea was to do a piece that combined/ bridged the two pieces Viki already had. I was able to include references to the maori piece on her shoulder by adding some of the same patterns to the tengu’s trousers, quite pleased with myself 🙂

Brad had a session on his chest, we still need to finish shading the christ figure, but got the wood of the cross coloured.

Darrell’s backpiece is coming together, I still need to work on the pink sky some more, and on the geisha, Considering it’s such a dense colour piece, and so big, it seems to have come along quite quick.

Monika is getting a tree tattoo, next time we are adding a colourful mandala in the background

Melissa loves the indy ref girl by Stewart Bremner, so we did a version with blue grey hair. I have done this piece before, it’s become an icon of the independence campaign here in Scotland, and a beautiful one, too. We will be adding a frame to this next time, but keeping it fairly simple and illustrative.

Aileen’s dragon is looking adorable. the colours Aileen chose work so well and give it a regal sort of look.

I’m working on a cover up of some tribal dragons for Dale, so today we concentrated on getting the darkest shades in, and to see how much black was required to cover the existing pieces.. The storm clouds are now in, and next time I can refine what we started.

Even though Tony’s dragon sleeve isn’t technically finished yet, we jumped in and started the phoenix on the other side 🙂

there’s some lasering going on still, but me and the laser tech can work around each other up to a point. The bit that’s getting lasered may take a bit longer than the rest, but we’ll get there.