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first tattoo of the week was adding some colour to gareth’s phoenix, it wasn’t a particularly long session, but we got most of one of the wings done

Justine got some flowers added to her backpiece, this has been tackled in stages, but we knew from the beginning that it was going to cover the whole back. Sometimes i design and outline the whole thing in the first session, specially if the flow of the piece is complex, but with this tattoo we were growing organically up the back, so we could complete the sections as we added them. that did mean that Justine didn’t have to walk about with lots of unfinished tattoo work on her.

after a long while Coco was in to get his flames finished, now we’ve just got to add some smoke winding up the sides of the poster and we’re getting there

the next day was a weegie wednesday, kicking off with Josh and his Viking boat piece.
It’s finished now, what started as a vague nordic kind of concept came together nicely in this, I’m really pleased how it turned out. It’s more of a mood than a narrative, Josh’s tattoo doesn’t really explain anything, but just has atmosphere. A bit bleak with an edge of destruction thrown in  😀

and then our Brunella got some more done to her green man/creature piece, there will be more leaves over the hips and a tree at the top

remember me saying things happen in strange clusters? I don’t do many portraits, or detailled black and grey really, so it’s unusual for me to have three in a row!
First up was Joanne, we are now a touch up session away from having her fred Astaire and Ginger Roberts tattoo finished, today’s session was mostly taken up with blacking in the figure of Fred. I’d been tempted to invent highlights here and there to stop his black suit from looking so stark, but the reality of it is that it’s meant to be dark. The suit is so dark and simple, it contrasts really nicely with ginger’s frilly white dress, and they not only compliment each other, they intensify each other.

Hope to get some decent pictures of this unusual and striking piece next time.

Then for my next portrait piece, cameron got the first part of his first tattoo.
it’s a beautiful picture of his wife, and he sat well for it, for which I’m grateful. we decided to do the tattoo in two sessions seeing as it was his first time, so her legs and some background will be done next time.

the following day I was working in Glasgow, and the day started off with another detailled black and grey piece, this time it was Josh who was in for his first tattoo.
Josh loves Viking boats, trees, runes and suchlike, so this is reflected in this unusual half sleeve. the boat is a specific boat, currently being restored in Norway, and the tree is based on a photograph of a specific tree, nothing here is accidental, you see   😉
the bottom of the half sleeve will be formed out of gnarled tree roots and a rune carved into wood, with the boat rising out of this chaos. There will be a Romanian metal band’s artwork incorporated in this, as an obscure rock reference. Love it!

and then poor old John was in to get carved up for 2 hours. We drew on the next section of his backpiece, and as we only had a short session booked, I had to get cracking with the lines to get them all done in time. I was taking no prisoners, and poor John was uncharacteristically quiet. But he took it, although I’m sure he was calling me names under his breath  😆