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the international festival is in full swing in Edinburgh, the city is jam packed and everyone seems to be having a ball. As usual I fully intend to go to some shows, but then am intimidated by the sheer volume of stuff to chose from- the program always reminds me of a phone book- and I end up seeing nothing….
So, if anyone has some good suggestions, let me know!

Speaking of performances, I’ve been laughing a lot about those old prog rockers Focus and their song hocus pocus lately. If anyone out there would perform that for me on karaoke, I would come to wherever this is happening!  😆  😆
here’s how it’s done:

anyway! my week started off with gareth, he’s getting a phoenix on his leg and we got some tail feathers coloured today

and then I did something quite unusual for me, some freehand henna style paisley pattern! I love this kind of thing, more to look at than to do, but once in a while it’s great fun to do something quite different.

and kevin got more of his background shaded

in Glasgow the next day I did the second session on George’s dragon sleeve, it’s starting to take shape now

and bobby’s music sleeve is juuuust about to be finished, so close!