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I love the Scottish tattoo convention, it’s in Edinburgh and therefore my home turf. The benefits of this are that you don’t have to travel for it, and you can bring half your studio with you if you like- comfy chairs, work stations, good lighting and massage tables. Another plus is that there are lots of our customers at the show, stopping by the booth to say hi, and showing off our work to the rest of the people. That’s good fun, specially if you’re used to traveling to conventions and¬† being pretty much on your own in a foreign place.

We were only allowed two stalls per studio for this convention, as the organizers are swamped with applicants wanting to work, this year it was olivia and me from tribe.

The convention kicked off in style and it was busy from the get go, unlike quite a few other conventions I’ve been to/ worked at lately! There was a real buzz, and people everywhere were interested in getting work done- another thing I’ve not been taking for granted lately, times are tough.

I had a full schedule, however, so i couldn’t accommodate any more customers. My first one was Brian, we did some more work to his backpiece, this got a lot of attention from passersby and the odd photographer. here is a fab one that photographer Paul Campbell took

and one i took of his backpiece

Next up was Laurenne, we added some more flowers, a rabbit, a dragonfly and a tiger moth to her collection. I didn’t get round to finishing it but we got a fair bit of it done. laurenne wanted a dragon and a tiger, as they signified special people in her life, but in keeping with her tattoo, changed them to a dragonfly and tiger moth respectively. That’s as clever as it is cute!

Laurenne had never been to a convention before, so this was a first- and she got tattooed! She took to like a duck to water, charming the punters and handing out tribe business cards whilst getting tattooed- what a girl ūüôā

the next day i had Brad in, and¬† swear to god, as soon as he sits down, the photographers show up. It’s like magic, every time! here is a link to one that aforementioned paul campbell took, (and if you want to see more pictures of cool people getting tattooed at the show, keep klicking, there are some crackers there)

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of him, too, here he is making Nik look petite

I was working on the crown of thorns around Brad’s neck, and the sacred heart between the Banksy doves on the front got some colour.

I took the opportunity to add some more cobwebs, leaf skeleton and moth gothiness to laura’s hand. I need another session to fine tune and blend the whole sleeve here and there, but it’s nearing completion.

Last but not least a wee cat, work in progress as there will be another cat and some more detailling in this one. very cute idea

I took some photos of our neighbours at the convention, to our right were the gang from Custom Ink in glasgow, and to our left the lads from inkdependent in edinburgh. Marcin from Inkdependent won best of day on saturday, congrats to him!

there was also a guy wearing lederhosen, now that’s a bold fashion statement. he rocked them, though.

Nik was selling his prints on my stall, he fair took over- haha!

There was a great aftershow party, with free tequila shots (oh dear) and limbo dancing contests, I managed to avoid limbo dancing, but a couple of tequila shots did hit the spot…

An amazing convention, all in, and I’m already looking forward to the next one ‚̧

I had other work in progress in the studio of course, here are a few of the ones I’m working on at the moment

Steph got more colour, this time we tackled the elbow. God loves a trier, but if the elbow skin doesn’t want to take the colour ( always a possibility, it’s so thick) then there will be a paler leaf. That’s not a problem, as we have designed the possibility in.

Paula started on a sleeve of ( what will be ) pink roses

Stevie got the first of some colour in his chrysanthemum

Another flower, Douglas is working his scattered pieces into a sleeve, so we started with two grey roses and some waves

and Tony got more colour in his backpiece.

American tattoo artist Dan Henk was here for the convention, and as always stayed at my house for a week or so. This has become¬† sort of tradition, as he adds a few days work in the studio onto his stay here. Dan likes his horror and creepy stuff, so I took him to Surgeon’s Hall museum to look at all the horrible specimens. One of the specimens was of a piece of tattooed skin, off a sailor’s chest. I’m certain I wasn’t meant to take photos, but I just couldn’t help myself. Look at how fine those lines are! Pretty nice piece of work- usually you see these old piece on old people whose skin has blurred the lines over time. Seeing something looking like it did back then is really¬† interesting, the tools they had then were quite crude compared to our today, but this is nice quality considering.