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our Angie got her chest piece finished, we’d done the birds and the rose last time, today we added the black ink splashes and sketchy lines, plus the names. The font of the names is deliberately scratchy, to fit in with the design and to make them less obvious

I did a 3/4 sleeve on Lee a couple of years ago, and unsurprisingly he now wanted to bring it right the way down. If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard this…..   🙂

we continued the water and added another flower, all in keeping with the original piece

john was booked in for a whole day, he was keen to make a good start on his sleeve, and if you can sit for that long, why not? 71/2  hours is no joke, though, so hats off to anyone who can take it. It’s not just the pain, but sitting still for so long, too, it’s very draining apart from being painful. After the long session you are left with a lot of healing tattoo to deal with, too. I’m certainly not trying to put anyone off, but if you are planning on an all dayer, be realistic about how much you can take…

John did really well. We structured it so that the last part of the session was on a less sensitive part of the arm, but that isn’t always possible. In our case we did the pocket watch last.

John wanted to add to a panel at the top of his arm, he had had some sections lasered, but they were still quite dark and will need more sessions. To be fair, the design is kept quite flexible at that part, so depending on how much more lasering he get’s done, I can work with it. The tribal dictates the flow of the piece to a degree, just so that it doesn’t jar and look out of place too much.

we did a lady with an urn, the pocket watch and some roses, all pulled together with wispy negative space like wind or rays.

It’s been a long while, but in Glasgow John was back to get some more work done to his backpiece, we are now starting up again and working on the edges. The side bits needed extending, as did the section at the top of th arm. We didn’t have much time, so the outlines are just sketched in

andy got some colour in his koi, and we started on the flower but ran out of time…to be continued






unusually for me i took friday and saturday off and worked sunday and monday instead. We were invited to a fancy wedding on friday, so I moved my ‘weekend’ forward a couple of days, meaning I was working when the shop was shut.

I went to work in Tribe 3 where I’d have some company, as Alex likes to work sundays and the odd mondays. He is used to having the place to himself on those days, so having me there took some adjusting. And today at lunchtime Roz AND laura stopped by the shop to do something, so when Alex arrived it was just like a normal shop day with the doors open and everyone present… poor Alex, I think we were spoiling his nice quiet time.  😆

David was in to get his koi and maple leaves finished, this piece is disguising some nasty old burns scars. It looks really red and angry in the pictures, as the scar tissue doesn’t take kindly to being tattooed, but this will settle and the ink will grow in like everywhere else. I might have another look at it once it’s all settled to see if any of it needs some smoothing out, but with rough scar tissue like that you are a bit compromised and some irregularities are to be expected.

Scott got a dragon half sleeve started. The blue you can see here and there is just the pen I used to draw it on, that will come off of course

and the next day I finished Gerald’s Angus Young from AC/DC, again I’d like to see this healed as it was done in two stages, we started it last time but it was only a short session so we didn’t have enough time to finish it. That means that some of the ink has healed in, while the newer stuff looks a bit darker by comparison, until that also has healed in.

and Justine was in to get her flowers, ivy, butterfly and bees piece finished (must think of a snappier name!)
This might have flowers and ladybirds added at a later date

This weekend is the Scottish tattoo convention, exciting for us as it’s in edinburgh and we don’t have far to travel, that makes it all a whole lot easier! Looking forward to seeing lots of Tribers out there showing off their ink, and saying hello to us at our booths!

After the convention we’ve got two guests working, As last year we’ve got Dan henk working in Tribe 3, chat to him at the convention if you are looking for work, although he’s bound to be pretty booked up (last i heard he still had space on friday 4th may)
and in Glasgow we’ve got heather gee working, she used to work at Tribe 2, but has been in Oz for a few years now, and has settled in norwich now that she’s back in the UK. If you’d like work by her, chat to her at the convention or speak to mark in Tribe 2, he is handling her bookings.

And oh yes, our Italina Sisters are in Tattoo Revolution! Raffi and Bru have an article written about them, out in this months’ edition, ready for sale at the convention- chuffed! Check it out

Onto what I’ve been up to, and i had a spell of japanese style pieces, no big surprise there  😆

Holly wanted a dragon to go from her shoulder blade onto her arm, so we had fun drawing it on to fit that part of her. It’s going to have colour, blue mostly, with black and grey background to set it off

and then a koi, Tony still needed his tattoo finished, and some nice bright yellows and oranges were called for

the next day in glasgow i had a short notice cancellation, too short notice to get it filled…..
John showed up, though, and we had big plans for this session, to get the rest of the design outlined. Well, the rest of the originally planned design, it’s now gong to be extended past what was first envisaged, as John  got more and more into the idea of lots of coverage. it’s a big tattoo as it is, specially as it’s his first!

joining me at Tribe 1 today was martin, booked in for the whole day  😯
It’s amazing what you can get done in a whole day, but it’s tough n the skin. Today we added on to a dragon 1/2 sleeve we started last year. We got all the drawing, outlining and a lot of the shading done on the forearm and elbow, then the skin had got quite sore so we moved up to the dragon for the last two hours. The dragon got some blues put in, the start of what will be a more muted colour scheme we have planned for the whole thing.

the next day i was in tribe 3 with the whole gang there, apart from Nik. Nik works in the Auld Hoose behind the bar in the evening and on some saturdays, so if you’d like to chat to him about getting apprentice tattoos, go and pop your head in there. He is a great artists and is taking to tattooing like a duck to water. He is also to be found in Tribe 3 most weekdays.

I had ruaraidh in to get more shading, his sleeve is starting to come together  😀

and speaking of sleeves, Sam from Shetland decided to go a full sleeve with her japanese flowers. We got the whole thing planned out and outlined, with some shading where we had time

two days of japanese style work today, all with their own challenges. Today was adding on to some existing work not by me which was a poor cover up, the second was a cover up as well.

Chris had been tattooed by an artist abroad, who had attempted to cover some maori with japanese, but it wasn’t really working. Roz had lasered some of the gaps to make them more usefull, and we will be attending to those at a later date. Today we concerned ourselves mostly with extending the design to draw attention away from the cluttered composition

then kevin got another session on his koi cover up, again Roz had been lasering an old piece and now we were looking to disguise the bits that were left

the next day in Glasgow John got shading added to his epic japanese style shoulder and backpiece, we’ll be covering the whole lot in due course! No complications to contend with here, just virgin skin. ha.

and last customer was Scott, another artist had done some black shading and outlines on his upper arm, and i added some colour, today we moved further down the arm to add a stylised koi. The red flames already there will be spared out in negative.


Neil was in first thing, to continue a Tintin themed 1/2 sleeve that we last worked on 10 years ago! talk about not rushing into things! 😆
Neil is using Tintin imagery to illustrate his own story, and today we used (amongst other things) a shadowy figure of the spirit of the ancestors. he looks like a, unpleasant wee guy, sitting in the cobweb.
We will need more time on this to finish the shading and complete the time piece

then Greg was in, he’s just back from a holiday in Thailand, and surprised me with his tanned skin. I’m only used to seeing pasty white hides at this time of the year!

the next day in Glasgow i worked some more on Kenny’s water and roses piece, keeping it simple and uncluttered. We need one more session to finish it off.

My last customer of the week was darren, sorry about the terrible pictures of his piper sleeve! Will get some better ones next time he’s in.

It was Simon’s birthday, so we all went out to celebrate, yey!  😀