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September, and my time to pack my bags and go to work in Hamburg for a week, at my friend Charly’s studio ‘Jungbluth’. I have some lovely regulars in Hamburg, including of course Martje, who is getting quite a bit of work done including this colourful goddess we are working on. The goddess is Kwan Yin, the goddess of compassion and mercy- or as Martje calls her ‘the vegan chick’ 🙂


Danker decided to get some another wing/ feathers kind of shape to connect to one we did a while ago, and to connect with another, older piece to make a sleeve. We got some of the shading done, and apart from finishing that next time, we also want to add some dates in the gaps. The dates will be in a rough typewriter font, done in a punky ‘ransom letter’ kind of graphic style, with splashes of red and black. Danker sings in a punk band, so this look will be perfect for him.

Christine is getting a fairy backpiece, we did the last session on this when Christine was in scotland, travelling around in her beautiful campervan. We were all pretty jealous of her motor!

Lisa got a dram catcher on her side, this piece was a struggle for her from the first dot til the last, poor lisa!! We tried everything for the pain, numbing creams of all types, but nothing really worked. I felt terrible. Some people are just very sensitive to pain, and the ribs are famously tender. We got there in the end, but I would love to get a chance to work on it just a bit more…poor Lisa will probably kill me though.

Even though I only go to Hamburg twice a year, I’ve managed to do a full back piece and a chest piece on Marko, just chipping away at it every time I’m over. (Actually, he did come to Scotland once in between, too. Good old easyjet flies direct these days) This time we started on a half sleeve, as usual Marko has a wonderfully eclectic mixture of graphic elements he wants to include, my job is to fit them together and make it work. The top is a masked lady that on first glance could also be a butterfly, going into a softly shaded city scape with trees and a wee figure crossing a tight rope. There is also some lettering in there, we made a good start on the basics, but I can’t wait to see this finished!

back in Edinburgh, I had Gerald in who has decided to take his sleeve down onto his hand. He likes this illustrative skull, which works well with the work we have been building up on his arm over the years. make that decades haha!

We also added a little bit a script on the forearm, it’s from a bottle of jameson whisky 🙂

Ian was after a night sky to tie together some existing pieces he had been collecting on his upper arm. Once this has settled in I will revisit it and make sure all works together with the older tattoos.

Mark is getting a fiery dragon in warm colours and with autumn leaves, as a contrasting colour we added some teals to the belly scales and crest. Some yellow in the flames and hair will finish this off nicely.

also working on some pink roses as scar cover up

Laurenne fell in love with the mon mon cats

(by artist Horitomo), so we designed one just for her, with peacock feathers. This is just the first session, there will be flowers surrounding the cat and background, love it 🙂


every six months i work in Hamburg for a week, and it was time for my second visit of the year. Whenever I go back to the Jungbluth studio, it’s all changed, and this time was no exception. Most of the tattooists have moved on to work in other studios or are about to go it alone and open their own place, leaving the owner with half the staff he used to have. He is using it as an opportunity to downsize, and next time I’m there he will have moved the whole studio yet again.

I will miss a couple of the artists i have worked with there, but I’m sure the new ones will be fun, too.

My work station this time was in a different place from last time, too, and i struggled with the light a bit. The weather was exceptionally beautiful for early autumn, unfortunately this meant the sun was in my eyes a lot, and as he windows are tall with no blinds, i had to move around quite a lot to find/create some shade. You can see from the photos that the light was very bright, I’ve edited them so that the brightness is turned down, and now some of them just look a bit strange.

Next time will be different, that’s for sure, the new studio work stations will have no natural light. That doesn’t sound good normally, but it’s actually much easier for tattooing purposes, as you can control the lght to suit your needs.

So, apologies for the strange looking photos.

My first appointment was Hayni, he lives with type 1 diabetes, and wanted to mark the spot of his pancreas and all the trouble that comes from his condition. He chose a positive and kind of rock’n’roll sort of design, let’s hope it has a positive effect!

Robert wanted me to do a couple of prints, hand of his daughter and foot of his baby son, with dates and a wee tiara for his daughter

I get asked to do smaller pieces in Hamburg usually, as it doesn’t suit everyone to have to wait for 6 months in between sessions to get a big tattoo done. here’s a small foot tattoo I did as an add on to a larger piece

and a little piece of script

and here is, the complete opposite of what I was just saying, the start of a fairy backpiece 🙂

I also added some colour to a koi dragon I did last time

and a compass in an arty/ water colour kind of way to Martje’s mermaid

I used the city bicycle scheme while I was in Hamburg this time, it’s a great way to get around! Specially as the weather was so good, it was great fun zipping around town.

People in Hamburg love their bikes, and using them is easy- the place is completely flat and there are bike lanes everywhere. Check out how many parked bikes are in this picture, and that’s completely commonplace everywhere

I cycle back home in Edinburgh, where I’m dealing with steep hills, cobbles and dodging buses in the bus lanes, so this was quite a change!

I took a couple of other photos, the green grocer with a full sleeve of fruit and veg tattoo 🙂

and a couple of the coffee shop where I stop by for my espresso when I’m there. I’m starting to get recognised in there, makes me feel like a local 🙂

that time of the year again, and i packed my bags to go to Hamburg to work at my friend Charly’s studio, Jungbluth.

I was delighted o discover that the Jungbluth now has a designated tattoo receptionist in the studio, as opposed to a general enquieries desk in another shop downstairs. This always led to lots of miscommunication and misinformation, and general chaos when it came to bookings. I have been making all my own bookings via facebook or email, thereby cutting out a lot of potential for bad bookings, but also for new customers…

I’m happy there is now a better system in place, and I apologise to any of my Hamburg customers who have experienced difficulties. Onwards and upwards 🙂

My first customer was the lovely Martje, we are working on a mermaid on her leg, and today we added a bit of a map in the background, a map of the coastline in Germany where she is from. As you can see from the picture, we are also planning a compass at the bottom next time, as well as an anchor and other nautical images. I love he way this is coming together!

Hamburg in general has a strong nautical identity, it has a massive trade harbour and is called ‘the gateway to the world’ in Germany.  Germany as a whole doesn’t have much in the way of coast, so this makes the north of Germany quite distinctly different from the rest, which is either characterised by heavy industry, or mountains.

There can’t be that many germans like martje, a girl who lives to surf and spend time on the beach. This tattoo is perfect for her.

I also did a rework on an old piece that Verena wasn’t too happy with, it didn’t flow too well and was a bit bulky. The idea was to draw it out a bit and make it a bit more delicate, by adding some soft swirls and some more of the little stars we have included in other work I have done for her.

the next day i started a magnolia piece, i say started because even though we did exactly what she had planned in her head, I can see this one growing- plant tattoo have a habit of doing this, just like their real inspirations 🙂

(Maybe next time I can persuade her to get a background, too)

And for a very special girl, for her 18th birthday, I gave Emily an anchor tattoo. Happy birthday and welcome to the club!

Ronnie had a koi on one forearm, and was after koi dragon on the other forearm, in a similar position as the koi. We got the outline and some shading done, it looks finished enough to not be a problem to leave it for 6 months, until I’m back and can colour it.

Last but certainly not least, Marco the badass, who can sit for 7 hours and get his back tattooed. HATS OFF!

we got his collage of images down last time, today we added colour and shadows, and tied it all together. One more short session for finishing touches, but his backpiece is pretty much there! Considering we only get to work on it every 6 months, this is a bit of a miracle, and entirely down to Marco’s badassery. 🙂

16-19th October

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I thought I’d show you some photos of Hamburg, I’ll post some more of the studio, but here are a couple of my favourite places on the way to work. I always look forward to seeing the cakes in this cafe /bakery, they are amazing and always have a new theme every time I’m here. This is their spooky theme in time for Halloween 🙂

And I like this fruit and veg shop, they sell fresh juices, I pick one up every morning. The shopkeeper has a home painted picture of che Guevara on his
wall, next to one of his grandad

At work I had a Hamburg regular customer in, in fact she has been to Edinburgh to get her tattoo extended, as well, turns out we are working on quite a large piece! This one keeps growing 🙂
Martje is a surfer girls and likes flowers, shells, and tattoos that flow down her arm

Tine was after the first part of a pair of forearm tattoos. This one is a feather and the German word for ‘with wings’ in her own hand writing. The next one will be of a tree with the word for ‘with roots’.

And then for something completely different from my usual sort of work, marko had very clear ideas for his first tattoo ( 6 hrs on his chest!!) he wanted the two skulls and the girl to be like islands in a sea of water, but he didn’t really want the water to look like water, it was more about movement and energy. My job was to translate his ideas into something that I could tattoo, and luckily he was delighted with the result.
Personally I love the blue water/ energy lines, they are really expressive and fun in an arty kind of way, but I would have added some black or grey lines to the blue to visually tie the skulls and girl designs in a bit more. That’s purely my first impression, but I didn’t even mention it, as it wouldn’t have gone with the islands he was trying to create.
This is not something that would have been put my way back in Edinburgh, where I usually do mostly japanese styles, but it’s fun to step outside the box sometimes.

I had Thorsten in to get the last of his three quarter sleeve done, we added a bit of colour here and there and made the leaves a brighter green. That’s it done, can’t believe it! Things take a while longer when you are only in town to tattoo twice a year for a week, but we got there in the end. Thorsten did come over to Edinburgh once to speed things up, though

My last customer for this Hamburg trip was Doreen, she had some purple lilies on her back that she wanted me to extend over her shoulder. the purple lilies were a cover up, and they looked a bit dark and flat, so the idea was to go for something a bit brighter and to make the piece flow a bit better.
Doreen is planning a large Phoenix on her back, too, something we might start next time I’m back if she gets an appointment.

This visit I was working next to Louis, who is from Chile, a fun guy who is great company at work.

He tattoos and paints very patiently with lots of detail, in a Hispanic sort of tradition, here is one of his paintings… I don’t think I have seen a painting about the financial crisis before, brilliant!

Miez, who used to be the receptionist at jungbluth, is now the apprentice tattooist, it’s exciting and nerve racking for her in equal measures!

Here are the guys Stef, Chris and Louis fawning over an old gramophone they got their hands on 🙂