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I had two weeks off at the beginning of august, one for doing Edinburgh festival stuff/ lazing around in the garden (which was great 🙂 )

and one pretty much for fecking jury duty. I was cited for the tuesday and managed to shift enough appointments to make it just about work,  ended up with 4 days off to do my jury duty. Of course I didn’t get picked the first day, got asked to come back on the third day, didn’t get picked, etc, and in the end I was excused. What a monumental waste of everyone’s time! Next time I’m called, I’m going online and booking a hotel for the dates- anywhere- and say I have a  holiday booked and i can’t make it.

Anyway, rant over. I did some tattooing in the second half of august, so here goes!

roses are a popular choice, and I did a fair few recently. Here is Colin, who is getting a lot of roses eventually, with a few other objects of his choice in between. Roses compliment pretty much anything you put them with, a design classic that manages to be romantic without being sugary- I think that’s because of the thorns on the stems, they have a bit of a sinister side.

Dave is working on a dragon and foo dog sleeve, today we added a wee pagoda in the background. Nothing makes a scene look more japanese than a pagoda (although I did find myself wondering what actually goes on inside of them. I will look it up) (it’s a place of worship. must be small congregations)

my next piece is very romantic, Helen wanted a tattoo based on her wedding flowers. We chose the main features of the bouquet for her tattoo, and although there is still a bit of work to do, the resemblance is already there

Alex was in for a couple of finishing touches on his geisha and tengu sleeve. (The tengu artwork is not mine)

I covered some old self harm scars with some cute, illustrative daisies. I wish more people with these type of scars would chose to get them covered with a nice tattoo, it makes a remarkable difference.

If you have some, and have been advised that your only option is a skin graft, please come and see me!

my next customer, Kirsty, had had some lasering done on her old tattoo and was ready to get it covered. Kirsty had come across some manga style graffiti and loved the colours and chunky fluidity of it. We used these elements to our advantage, and will add a cute manga girl (not the ones in this artwork) and some drippy spray paint style background, too.

I’ve been tattooing some bright and colourful work on Alex, and she surprised me this time by saying she had experimented with her eyeliner on her tattoo, and was now in favour of some more black in the background.

this has the advantage of helping to bring out the different animals and figures, and tones down the overall brightness of it. I like it! I liked it bright, too, but the more muted effect really brings out the shapes.( the nymph piece at the top is not by me, I’ve just been adding on to it)

Another sleeve in progress, this one is for Elliot, and we are going for lots of movement and detail

and to finish how I started this blog- some roses. This will be a half sleeve of mostly black and grey ones, with maybe one coloured one somewhere. Samantha’s son has black and grey roses tattooed, so she is getting, some, too. It’s a family affair 🙂

oh, and a wee piece i did, it’s reference to Dougie’s Hebridean heritage

welcome to the new year, i love january, time to plan all the good things the coming year will hold in store, places to visit, conventions to go to….the sense of optimism i feel makes up for the crap weather.

Christmas is over and seems ages ago, but i thought i’d share a couple of photos from the tribe night out with you, we managed to get everyone from edinburgh and glasgow together for the first time, it was so much fun!
You can play ‘spot you favourite/least favourite triber’  😆

I had a week off between christmas and new year which was nice, but I’m always happy to be back at work, catch up with the gang and get creative again. I regularly count my lucky stars that I love my job, the people I work with and the customers with all their ideas and stories.

My first customer of 2012 was Lee, originally she’d decided that a nice floral tattoo was preferable to the scars left on her arm after a skin graft, but now she’s got the bug and we’re well onto virgin skin 😀

she likes the whole japanese theme and surprised me with her new idea of a waterfall and cherry tree, with the general plan of getting a full sleeve eventually. I’m all for it, of course!
We got the waterfall and tree with some rocks outlined and partially shaded before we ran out of time, there will be a wee tree frog and a butterfly in there, too, which we’ve left gaps for.

After Lee I had Billy in, we started a western style dragon with flames on his forearm last time he was in, and today we worked on the fire. There will be a background of grey smoke and the dragon will be green. This is the arm that will represent the element of fire, and the rest of his tattoos will follow the theme of the four elements ( he already has a large tattoo representing earth and air on his back)

I have to say thank you to both Lee and Billy for making it in for their appointment today. Hurricane Bawbag II was raging outside causing chaos everywhere and sending bins flying and toppling chimneys, but these two weren’t intimidated. Lee said she had to hold on to the bus stop, and how Billy got over from Fife I don’t know, as the bridge was closed. Thank you!

Things had calmed down the next day, and i had no problems getting through to Glasgow. Tribe 2 was quiet with only me, Mark and Tim working, Simon isn’t back til friday and the Italian girls are still in Italy where they spent the festive season.

Dave joined us for the next part of his hell sleeve, with nasty wee hellbugs flying up his arm. The background to this is a vulcano and Martian looking land scape (once we get round to it). The bugs themselves have partial flames for wings and will have some colour added next time.

Sometimes my work seems to come in strange clusters, either thematically or I might find myself working on the same part of the body all day.
This time it’s bugs. My next customer Melissa got bumble bees added to her leg piece, cute ones this time! No hellbugs or evilness, just fun bumblebees  😀

here’s a cautionary tale for you. melissa got a wee bee done on her toe last time, we’d talked about how it can be problematic skin that might not readily hold the ink, combined with the fact that healing the tattoo whilst confined in socks and shoes doesn’t help, and unfortunately her bee faded badly. We added some ink of course, and Melissa will try and wear shoes that wont rub on the tattoo, but it might take a few goes for this bee to stay bright and sharp. If your tattooist is reluctant to tattoo your toes or feet in general (apart from the top of your foot) this is the reason why.

Last customer of the day was Scott, we added some colour to his lotus, which had been outlined by another artist