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Last blog of the year! I’ve got a selection of pieces I worked on, in Edinburgh, glasgow… and belfast.

I have an old friend in belfast, who has a studio called Skullduggery. Helen had a free work station going, so I invited myself and my tattoo machines, to do some work and to catch up with her. We hadn’t worked together for a long time, so i thought it would be fun.

I did cop some flack for this, of course i could have visited her and just hung out…..maybe i am a workaholic…but if you enjoy your work, what’s the problem with that? I also got to see danny, my customer, who is always great fun.

we are working on a bonkers piece, let me get this right. so, it’s about the goddess of vegetarianism, she is riding a white tiger on her journey to hell, where she will liberate the lost souls and plant flowers. Also in there is a sexy vampire (because danny likes them). We started the goddess, tiger and lotus petals last time, and got to work on those elements a bit more, but not finish them. Mostly I got stuck into the vampirella figure at the back of his arm, which sort of unexpectedly works really well with the goddess. She is like a polar opposite! Not my usual type of work, but i really enjoyed it actually. 🙂


Next time we will get round to doing hell and the damned, bats, that kind of thing, and of course the flowers that the goddess planted.

another sexy babe, kiaran’s hippy chick got some colour. this is a rework/ save of an old piece by another artist, it’s been fun to breathe some life back into her. The tattoo, not kiaran!

and another girly piece, this time the rough outline of an armed geisha. She has a long knife and means business- looking forward to adding shading and a bit of colour!


Gerald the nutter got a lucky cat done in his armpit… this is very much a work in progress, as there is a limit to how much time you can spend tattooing the delicate skin of the armpit. Gerald doesn’t mind, he would have kept going, but if you start layering and going over bits too much, the skin will just burst. It’s so thin.

while he was at it, he got a skull added to his chest piece, as you do. can’t have too many skulls

Alex also has a lovey geisha, and today we added background and more flowers, it’s starting to look like a sleeve 🙂

Our receptionst -and apprentice piercer- in Glasgow is half Cyprian , and likes to treat us to greek coffee. She has this wonderful electric greek coffee maker that occasionally comes to work with her, and I’ve become quite the devotee!

another nice coffee surprise came courtesy of the boy at Artisan Roast (fancy coffee shop on Broughton St, Edinburgh), usually the staff there irritate me slightly with their ueber cool hipster detached-ness, but this positively made my day!

I wish you all a great hogmanay and all the best for 2016! I have the best customers xx