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Andy was in again to get more work done to his dragon sleeve, we got a fair bit of the background done.
The strange lighting effect in the photos is from the sun. Take a good look at it, you might not see anything like it for a few months, while the sun leaves us for our hibernation period…except we don’t get to hibernate..

and Susan got a start on her spirally water and flower piece, the calendula and the cherry blossoms got done, but the aster will happen next time

the next day in Glasgow I did Debbie’s first tattoo, and I’m quite jealous. Why didn’t I think of such a cool piece?? Love it!

and also very very cool is mary’s half backpiece idea.We started this ages ago, but she has since moved away and it took her a while to come back to Glasgow to get more done. I think we are planning to continue it when I’m working at the Tattoo Tea party in Manchester next year, as it’s closer to where she lives now.