3-12th january 2017

Happy New Year, everyone!

I have a customer from Hamburg who came on a trip to see me, we have been working on his pieces for a few years now and it was time for another installment. Marko has a limitless amount of ideas and images for tattoos in his head, my job is to sort out the ones that would work and put them together for him.  By now his collection is quirky and illustrative, and I never know what to expect next 🙂

Marko takes most of his inspiration from graphic novels and games (I think) and puts them together in a meaningful narrative which I’m not always privy to I think, It’s all wonderfully mysterious.

we started on his other arm, too, I think there will be leaves and armor and little illustrations in he petals next time.

I’m working on a black and grey sleeve or Colin, which includes some (partially lasered) script to be cover up. Colin liked the roses, time piece and scrolls kind of look, and to make it more specifically about him, we used his family crest in there, too, which includes cute wee boars’ heads 🙂

Only the second sitting on Brett’s sleeve, he comes in for full days -7 1/2 hours- so we get  whole lot done. This sleeve illustrates a japanese story about a young girl who jumps into the water to kill a dragon and save the wee girl (who was about to be flung to the dragon as a sacrifice)

Today we did the japanese landscape in the background complete with priest and ‘would be sacrifice’ girl, and added shading to the murky depths the dragon inhabits. There’s going to be some  colour in the dragon

Lyndsey is nearly done with her sleeve, we added the lower section to work we started years ago,so I’ll be wanting to add some more detail or colour to the older bit to tie it in with the new bit

Clematis! Alexis’ leg piece is growing, after the honeysuckle we are onto the next climber, the clematis. More detail and colour to come, we are going for an illustrative, botanical drawing look with the prominent lines and simple colours.

Years ago I worked at a tattoo convention in nottingham, where I started a Haida peace pipe on Fiona. We didn’t get to finish it, because it’s quite painful on the spine and Fiona had had enough. Nowhere’s the problem with working at conventions- when are you going to see the customers again? If you can’t finish the piece for some reason, or it needs touching up after it’s healed, getting another session can prove tricky.

So I’m glad Fiona came to Edinburgh to see me,even if it took years haha!

While he was in, she got me to cover an old piece on her shoulder blade. Fiona had brought in some artwork of a stylised wolf that we adapted, and seeing as she had faded the old piece with  few laser sessions, it was easier to cover.

I’d still like to be able to have another look at how this session settled into the skin and how the cover up worked, so hopefully Fiona will come and visit us in Edinburgh again….

Tony got a wee bat added to his tree branches! Squeeee! I called him Lil Drac, after the real bat baby   watch here

some more detail and possibly colour to go,  including on the feathers and flower we did, too.