Feb + March 2018 Scottish Tattoo Convention

Posted: 29/03/2018 in Uncategorized

My last blog post didn’t have any pictures, so I apologise for this whopper of a blog, but i’ll try and keep it shortish.

The local tattoo convention happened recently, and as usual it was a really well put together show, the organisers really know what they are doing. If you haven’t been, make sure you give it a go next time, it’s as good a convention as you would find anywhere on the continent, with lots of international artists working.

Myself and Nik represented Tribe, and we also had a section of the stall dedicated the the animal sanctuary, which generated a fair bit of interest.

I was booked up in advance for the whole weekend, and my first customer was martin. We got the sleeve finished (bar that tune up hr once everything is settled in). It’s a japanese sleeve with some more detailled elements like the geisha portrait and a temple with a garden. The beauty of the flowing japanese designs is that you can get the structure of the piece with the background and then add whatever elements you like. Nothing is too weird, unless you are a tradition purist, which I’m not. I love Martin’s sleeve for the untraditional elements, it still looks japanese!

Beth is getting a mermaid sleeve, we did the mermaid (most of it) and outlined the octopus last time, and this session we added the colour to the seaweed. We are doing to work from foreground to background on this one, making it up as we go along 🙂 There’s going to be a treasure chest, crabs, other mermaid silhouettes, fun things like that.

My last customer at the convention was Luc, his epic snake tattoo is always a winner, and he had lots of admirers watching him get tattooed. Luckily Luc likes the distraction of getting tattooed at a convention, there’s a lot going on to take his mind off the pain.

Speaking of epic tattoos, I started an octopus on George, our body piercer in edinburgh. It is going to be colourful, blues and reds- ‘bold’ is an understatement! he said the lines on his temple were the worst, but he’s a trouper, and I didn’t hear a peep from him.


and while we are on the bold pieces, Neil got a chrysanthemum on his hand, as colourful as I wanted…pow pow! pink and blue will do it!

Jo on the other hand, wanted muted colours for her botanical illustrations sleeve. we took our inspiration from old books and made a collage of her favourite plants and animals. Most of these are to be found in her garden, so they have special meaning. I’ll need to take some decent photos of this once it’s had it’s tune up.

A similar idea but completely different look- Dee got a large piece of bold flowers and plants, each representing a country that meant something to her on her travels. we went for chunky, bold colours for the flowers and the background, making for an eye catching piece.

Now for some black and grey pieces, Sheena is extending her nature piece up her neck 🙂

and these matching, but not identical sleeves are done- kois on one side and a dragon on the other. We kept the basic flow and tones similar, so that together they make a set without being the same, it’s a cool look and he carries it off well.

Elliot got his sleeve finished, it’s a koi swimming up stream, and it represents the time in his life that he went to uni to further himself. He didn’t enjoy it much, but he did it, and now he has more options for his future- good for him! If that doesn’t warrant a nice sleeve to remind you of it, then I don’t know what does!

also done is Stephen, finally, he had to take 6 months off to have cancer. Yep, he got it, beat it, and came back to get his tattoo finished, just like that- wowzer!

and I’ll finish with a cute daruma piece. Darumas are small japanese doll things, when you get one, only one eye is painted in. You make a wish or a plan, and when it’s come to pass, you fill in the other eye and then burn it. Farah’s daruma will never burn of course, he is safe in his chrysanthemum 🙂



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