april 2016

Posted: 02/05/2016 in Uncategorized

I’ve not been on it with the blog this month, I was on holiday one week, and have been ridiculously busy the rest of the time. The new shop is pretty much ready to go, we are just waiting on the license being granted by the council. It’s frustrating, but we’ve just got to take our medicine and wait for the clunking cogs of the Edinburgh council to go through the motions. Our provisional date for the move is the 15th of may… if we are not in the new shop by then, it’s most likely that I’ve been arrested for being abusive and aggressive in the council offices!

My wonderful and colourful customers remind me why it’s all worth it, though! Here’s a few of the projects on the go this moth:

After having both arms and the top of his back done, Tony is moving down onto his thighs. His existing work is flowing, colourful and filled with wonderful creatures, so the piece on the thigh is to continue this general concept. We started with a frog and a koi type fish, a couple of dragonflies and some water. Colour and detail next time

Joe was in for his first tattoo, it’s only a wee sleeve…whatever happened to starting with a small one to see if you can handle it haha? Good for Joe, in for a penny, in for a pound is what i say. That way you don’t have to work around small, unrelated pieces once you realise it’s a sleeve you are really after!

Laurenne is working on her collection of flowers and animals, they all have significant meanings relating to people in her life. detail and more colour to follow

My next customer wanted a delicate piece to cover/ distract from some prominent scars on her arm. tattoos do a great job at drawing attention away from scars

Stewart got a nice big chrysanthemum on his arm, which will be in colour

Mark’s chrysanthemum already has colour, and we are working on blues in the background

Sigga is from Iceland, and wanted a tattoo that incorporated element from her homeland, and arctic tern, blue skies, and a very specific landscape. The mountains in the background are the backround to the Jokulsarlon glacier, which flows into a bay, leaving wonderful icebergs of all sizes floating in the water.

find out more about this magical place here


chantelle got a tiger, it’s going to be peeking out of roses surrounding it

Here’s a first, a tattoo of some rainbow chard! I did a beetroot tattoo for debbie a few years ago, and now she wanted some beautiful rainbow chard, as you do! Detail and the rest of the colour to be added next time

Stewart got the finishing touches added to his dragon half sleeve, which matches roughly the area we used for his phoenix a while ago on the other shoulder/arm

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