5th-16th march, Tattoo Tea Party, Manchester

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Raffi and me packed our stuff and went down to manchester, to work at the convention called the Tattoo Tea Party. I’ve worked at this one three times now, i think, and it’s usually good fun. the organisers only invite UK based artists, so it has a different vibe to other conventions. it’s also a very beautiful show, with a circus style  stage and fun fair rides like dodgems and merry go rounds, and an entertaining stage show. Some of the tattooists put some real effort into decorating their booths , Aurora studio brought half an antique shop with them!

Oddboy did some oil painting on the sunday, sort of a demonstration/chat sort of thing, like i did at one of the Edinburgh conventions. I hope this catches on, for the artist it’s a fun way to spend the day, and for the people who are interested, it’s a nice opportunity to chat about painting. (The only problem is that it doesn’t pay, and you still have to pay for your booth! that old fun v cash dilemma…)

The show featured a whole squad of body painters, who had their own competition going on. Some of the results were quite amazing, hard to believe the person was practically naked in most cases- they were painted so cleverly it looked like they has clothes on.

This guy had a stall selling pretty unusual jewellery made of laser cut perspex, and I loved his bugs bunny jammies! That’s a confident fashion statement right there.

I promised I’d post a link to his website https://www.sstutter.co.uk/

here is mine and Raffi’s stall

and a couple of pieces that i did

maxine’s space tiger, what we didn’t finish at her last session in Glasgow, we did today

and a cute little lucky cat on nathan. I met nathan at the last Tattoo Tea Party I worked at, and had promised him this cat then. Nathan is a prolific collector of japanese tattoos, so I’m pleased he kept a wee space for me at the side of his knee 🙂

it bends surprisingly well, hardly any distortion

No blog about the manchester tattoo convention would be complete without the usual pictures of the trafford centre, a bizarre shopping centre where no cost has been spared to lure you into some sort of spending trance. The place draws you in with it’s mix of exotic and theatrical fascades… one minute you’re in ancient egypt, then new orleans, Then versailles and then a cruise ship…round the corner it’s a victorian orangerie, etc etc. I usually see this place first thing in the morning, or just before closing time when it’s empty, depending on whether i’m going to or from work at the convention.  It’s a bit eery, so one day i’ll make sure i see it when it’s jumping with consumer ecstasy during peak hours.

we ate in ‘china’

other work I did includes Alex’s tengu and geisha sleeve in Glasgow, we are adding more colour than originally planned, but Alex has the bug. Those pretty flowers will melt the stoniest of black and grey hearts!

Paul got some colour in his magpies piece, not done yet, it’s going to be bright!

Leon is sticking with black and grey, his sleeve is going to be wing feathers, roses and at the top a sugar skull. The slightly abstract feathers here and there are purely decorative, and don’t belong to any particular creature, and why not. It’s all about a flowing composition that compliments the arm, and sometimes there’s no need to be too literal.

Rochelle got a pretty rose

and Stewart got the start of a dragon, covering up an old piece. By me. A very old piece, maybe 20 years old (gasp!) it was a fly on a surfboard. stewart felt he had outgrown the design and wanted something more mature maybe, and certainly bigger. No problem.






  1. Maxine says:

    I just cackled at your description of the Trafford Centre – it really is quite atrocious!

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