2-17th february, milan visit

Posted: 17/02/2016 in Uncategorized

I had a week off – my old friend helen (from Skullduggery tattoo in belfast) and i went to Milan! We took in a day at the Milan tattoo convention, did some sightseeing and ate some great food, wonderful!

I managed to get a photo of the amazing white marble cathedral in Milan, with the sunset lighting parts of it up in orangy pink..I’m quite proud of this 🙂

The convention was mad busy, crammed in fact, take a look at these photos, some bits you just couldn’t get into and enjoy looking at the portfolios.

There were some amazing artists working at it, so I’m not surprised it was so packed. I liked some of the japanese artists, who were doing the traditional shading by hand called tabori. Shame i couldn’t get close enough to have a good look.

I was intrigued to see what NEO looked like, last I heard he was doing the whole KISS type of thing, only appearing with a darth vader mask on. i take it that got a bit cumbersome, and he is in fact a skinny guy from switzerland who happens to be an awesome artist http://www.neoloves.me/

here there is a collaboration going on

while this guy seems to be getting half a body suit in one sitting!

helen and I also found time to check out the Prada Foundation with it’s golden building and contemporary art collection

and did some shopping . here is Helen taking a closer look at some black tomatoes,

while i found some real shit

We stayed with an artist couple who were fabulous! they come from a graffiti background and have since hit the galleries and mainstream art world.   http://www.microbo.com/

they live and work in a tunnel, an amazing space to be in- I really enjoyed my time with them

There is a pretty strange church in Milan, with an ossuary- a chapel decorated in human bones. Of course helen and i had to check it out, very strange place indeed.

I’m not from a religious family, so I find religious art endlessly fascinating, specially all the mad catholic things. Example from the cathedral in Milan- here is a marble statue of a man wearing his own skin draped around him.

there was also more than one mummified body dressed in clothes on display, check this one out (shoes!)

Anyway, It’s not all holidays in the sun (sort of, pretty cold in Milan) I did do some tattooing in the past couple of weeks, too…

Patrick is a brewer (beer brewing! one of my favourite subjects!) and wanted a hops and barley tattoo, something to go with his existing tattoo. He has a black and grey piece done on his spine, so I brought the new piece up and over the shoulder, and kept it in the soft grey shaded look.

Paul is getting some colour in his magpies, and we made a start on joining it up with the existing piece on his back. it’s going to be colourful and arty/ illustrative

Katie is working on a half sleeve, with elements of her own designs and colour choices. It’s bright and colourful with an art nouveau feel to it

And last but not least some ivy on karen. There are some runes hidden in some of the leaves, we will let it settle and see if they are too well hidden or just right. karen will be back to finish this piece off, so we can have another look then



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