22-27th january

Posted: 01/02/2016 in Uncategorized

plenty of flower tattoos in this blog, and starting things off is Alex’s pink peony with a chicadee in a teacup. A chickadee is a small bird from her native USA, cute wee things that fluff themselves up into little pom poms (the things i learn on this job!)

alex is working on a sleeve of pretty and cute things, we’ve already done a variety of flowers and wild plants, rabbits and other little creatures. Another rabbit next time!

Mark’s chrysanthemum is taking shape

No flowers for maxine, but a space tiger! this is from a dream she had, where there was a space tiger climbing into space, he had big paws and a simple space helmet. All done in a japanese sort of way- and why not! dreams can give the best kinds of inspiration.

we will finish this piece when i’m down in manchester working at the convention, less travelling for maxine

Pedro is working on a tree sleeve, it incorporates all kinds of flowers native to places he has lived in and loved. Today we added a beetle, which is similar in shape to the black and grey beetle his girlfriend has tattooed on her, a cute reference to her without having the same piece.

Back to the flowers! Aileen got a couple of foxgloves added to her meadow

Stevie got some purple and muted greens added to his peony

And Josh got a few small white flowers done to his leaves, carved wood and berries. This is a more moody piece, I will explain more about it next time when I’ll take pictures of the whole arm. we still have some shading and detailling to do

Joshua arrived bang on time for his appointment at 10am, having traveled across the country in what was a major storm. I wasn’t expecting him to be so punctual and congratulated him on his achievement, he just said ‘a wizard is never late. Or early’ Brilliant 🙂

Alex is working on an epic stag piece, i love his bold decision to bring the antlers over his chest and back

Richard got a light and airy Buddha piece, with clouds and pagodas in the background. he says he 2 year old niece kisses the buddha on the cheek and strokes him. How cute is that?

paul is getting two magpies to celebrate his relationship with his fiance. the birds represent the two of them, and the ring their union. The little twig that one of the birds is holding is for the nest they are building for their family.

paul wasn’t after a smooth rendering of his piece, more an illustrative, sketchy and water colour sort of effect. we got the basic line work and black shading done,the colours will be interesting, with splashes of purple and green



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