12-23rd august

Posted: 24/08/2015 in Uncategorized

I’ve been a bit behind with my blog writing, since my computer got upgraded I can’t find anything and photo editing is a bit of a nightmare. I’ll get there, of course, but in the meantime I’ve taken the executive decision to only post pieces that are getting there, or are finished, and leaving most of the Works In Progress out. You’ll see them next time 🙂

Claudia is getting me to tattoo some strange and abstract designs on her arm, the pieces are all thought out and meticulously designed, all I have to do is arrange them in a way that works and then tattoo them. the smudges etc are all deliberate, it’s quite hard work making it look so messy!

dale’s storm sleeve is starting to come together, there is a big cover up going on here, but it’s a great excuse to use a lot of black

I’m working on a dragon for Stefan, the body will be shades of a more muted purple

Marilyn’s leg is done! She had a list of flowers that she liked and I put this collection together based on how well I thought the flowers would work as a tattoo. I loved using so many of my colours in one piece!

Gavin’s partial cover up/ fixer upper is looking pretty much done now. I inherited some badly drawn and coloured flowers from his last artist, and an ambitious attempt at a cover up of a tribal band. gavin had some lasering done to the front of the band, and we were able to put colour over what was left of it.

Darrell’s backpiece is nearly there… just one more tweaking session…


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