10th-14th july

Posted: 16/07/2015 in Uncategorized

we are getting there with Marilyn’s floral leg piece, it’s all blocked in and the next stage is to fine tune and tweak some of the detail.

Kiaran’s sleeve just needed a small section on the wrist finishing off, now the whole restoration project is complete 🙂

this piece took us on a strange and wonderful journey, building up colours and textures as we went along. the result is warm and tactile looking, I don’t really have a word to describe it, apart from completely unique!

Stefan’s dragon is getting there, he has another few weeks to decide which colours he wants to go for, but I think he is warming to he combination of muted purples and greens. Could be amazing!

And then a scar cover. these self harm scars can be a real blight and an embarrassment to the owner- they act as a reminder of a troubled time, and give the wrong impression to onlookers. The only solution offered by the medical establishment is a skin graft, but i have seen the results of this procedure, and it aint pretty. In fact I’d prefer to have the self harm scars, if I had to chose.

tattooing can offer a real alternative, by covering the scars with something beautiful to distract from them and give new meaning to that part of the body.

Today we put a fluffy purple and blue feather over some long straight scars.

The scars are raised and angry from having been tattooed, but this will settle down again. As we went for a bold and smooth curve throughout the feather and spanning the length of the forearm, we may have to revisit this piece for some final touches.

The scars raise up and make the long lines look bumpy, and i can’t judge exactly how the will look when the bumpy scars settle down again. All there s to do in these cases is to let it heal and make adjustments later. I also like to revisit scar cover ups again after the healing, as sometimes the scars don’t take the ink as well as normal skin and require a ‘second coat’ so to speak.

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