3rd + 7th July

Posted: 09/07/2015 in Uncategorized

I’m working on a sleeve about the blues singer Robert Johnson,a  musician who supposedly sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his amazing talent. there are only two small black and white photos of him as he died young and in poverty- his legendary status only really developed posthumously. We used one of the photos for our portrait, and are working flames and a snarling devil figure into the background.

the upper arm will feature the part of the legend where he met the devil at a crossroads and exchanged his soul for a guitar and talent.

a work in progress, the forearm section still needs work done to it, too.

Chantelle is a young woman who knows what she wants. We had a consultation about her half sleeve a few months before her 18th birthday, and she booked in to get started just after her birthday. It’s a collection of softly shaded, black and grey roses surrounding  a white tiger with bright blue eyes- the only colour.

today we started on a couple of the roses at the top, to give us a good framework for the next step. Chantelle sat like a trouper, not a peep!

Anyone travelling between glasgow and edinburgh at the moment will know that the trains are all over the place and everything takes half an hour longer than usual. Poor samatha got caught out and ended up running half an hour late for her appointment, which unfortunately meant that we didn’t get her tattoo finished. She will have to come back to get the rest of the colour added to her jellyfish… although seeing as it’s going right on the elbow, maybe she didn’t mind this stay of execution!

Deek is planning a big ornamental collar type of thing in black and red. As you can see from his arm tattoo, he likes geometric shapes and lines, and the neck piece will be along those lines. We started with a thin section at the top of the piece and will be adding along the bottom as we go on. After 2 hours deek had enough and we stopped there, although it will require some tweaking and tidying up next time.

Last time Aileen was in I got hit with a migraine ( a new and worrying development for me) and we had to cut her appointment short because I had trouble seeing. Today i finished off the bits and pieces that needed it, and her sleeve is pretty much finished! I’d like to see it fully healed before I sign it off completely, though.

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