26th june- 1st july

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neil had some work done a few years ago on his travels, and now wanted the gaps between them filled to make up a full sleeve. I added some lilies and background, to be continued in just black and grey

I did a phoenix sleeve on david a couple of years ago, and now David had decided that he would like the design brought just a bit further down, by adding a little bit of flame to the bottom edge of the piece. Once he was in i couldn’t stop myself from touching up other bits, too, I tend to get a bit carried away in these situations. It’s a welcome opportunity to revisit and tweak 🙂 here is the phoenix with a couple of lines I redid, just because i could.

Ross’ dragon sleeve is nearly done

as is Gavin’s flower sleeve. gavin had a restoration job for me, with a half sleeve of very basic flowers done by an amateur that needed fixing. The forearm was virgin skin, so we could do what we wanted there, but on the upper arm I was a bit tied to going with the flowers that were outlined already. Luckily flower shapes are quite forgiving and organic looking, so we could pull it off. we are still waiting on some pieces of the old tribal band to lighten up through lasering, then we can tackle the last bit of it that still needs blended and covered.

Carole ann is getting a cherry tree with flowers, it’s quite a large piece for the ribs, so we decided to split it into two sessions. next time we will refine and add colour to the blossoms, but the overall effect will be quite arty and more like calligraphy or water colour art than a solid tattoo.

Carole ann took it very well, but I think she was glad we weren’t going to power through the whole thing at once. (If you live locally and can travel easily enough to the studio, this approach might be for you!)

Craig is getting his first tattoo, a half sleeve, get in!

we outlined the koi and dragon, and did some basic shading here and there

more work on tony’s arm, we are going for a browny/ golden bird with flashes of purple and blue, to go with the dragon on the other side. More detail in the feathers and body to follow, and of course the head still needs colouring.

Phoenixes are fantasy birds, and basically you can decide for yourself how your bird is to look- there are no rules- except perhaps something fiery to differentiate it from a bird of paradise. I had asked Tony to have a think about how his phoenix was to look- head shape (peacock? eagle? parrot? chicken? etc)  tail feathers (fluffy? peacock eyes? plain or elaborate? etc) will it have flames or not? That kind of thing.

Tony did his research, and decided he liked the look of this, a hoatzin from south america. he liked the colours and the shape of the head, and the bird itself, it reminded him of a kind of archetypal, dinosaur kind of bird.

I took elements from it that i thought would work, and worked it so that it would flow with the arm and sort of match the dragon on the other side. The idea is to have a similar flow of design on each sleeve, and to use colour combinations that compliment each other. Both sleeves have similar flames going through them, to help unify the designs.

one more session on Alistair’s dragon and we are done!

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