19th – 24th june

Posted: 25/06/2015 in Uncategorized

Johnny’s quirky little dragon is coming along

Rick was in for a final touch up session on his sleeve, I’ve posted it on here plenty of time, but can’t resist posting these wee faces again 🙂

Viki’s Tengu is finished now

and so are Billy’s sleeves!

another session on darrell’s backpiece, it’s actually getting there! The geisha still needs some more colour and the some general tidying up will be required

Joanne has been getting a round celtic piece lasered by Roz, and now it was time to cover it. She was after a pink peony, which is a good choice for a cover up. I remembered to take a photo after I lined the peony, so you can see the old piece before it goes. I just wish I’d been on the ball enough to take a snap before i even started! For anyone considering lasering of an old piece, I hope his helps make your mind up. It really is a great way to update you collection, and not as painful or expensive as everyone thinks. laser technology has come a long way in the last decade!

Ask Roz or Laura for more information if you are considering laser tattoo removal

there will be a bit of delicate ornamental style work going around the peony, Joanne is still considering how far over her shoulders it should go next time.

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