15th- 20th may

Posted: 26/05/2015 in Uncategorized

we finished Stewart’s phoenix, mostly black and grey, with some colour accents in the flames and the feathers

Gerald the nutter decided he needed a smiling buddha in his armpit…as you do…:)

the skin in the fold of the armpit swells up and bleeds very quickly, it’s comparable to the skin in the crease of your elbow. Therefore we had to call it quits on that particular part before we were finished, we can complete the colour in some of the leaves and the face next time, once it’s settled down

another quick session on Aileen’s sleeve, we added colour to the tiger and the bamboo, getting there! there is still a moth to go on the inside of the upper arm, and some tidying up here and there. Aileen really suits her sleeves! I’m biased, i know, but i love how sleeves look, and Aileen has chosen her colours and designs perfectly, i can’t wait to post a photo of both her arms together

I’m starting a new sleeve, gary wants a biker kind of theme, done in black and grey. He likes skulls and roses, and the idea of chains, with some personal symbols chucked in here and there. Today we started on the roses and skull with chains, leaving gaps for the symbols that will be added. The whole thing is to flow like a japanese sleeve, with windbars in the background.

Yvonne is getting a big cover up on her thigh, there is a black blobby kind of thing that needs to go, so we are putting some lilies around it to distract the eye, and some more dark sections in other places to balance the overall design.

Some lasering would have been good here, but Yvonne didn’t like the idea.

Monica’s tree got a sky with clouds behind it

I started another sleeve, this is going to be essentially a japanese style sleeve, onto chest piece, but with different elements from your usual traditional ones like kois and dragons.

Paddy loves a band called Rudimentary Peni, and their record art is wondefully bonkers and a bit dark. We had so much to chose from, but went for some skull type figures and some small type of flower things. Hard to describe šŸ™‚

I love it. I also like Rudimentary Peni, and have always thought the artwork was outstanding.

I got to tattoo my own painting! This has never happened before, but Christine liked my lucky cat painting so much she felt it would make a good tattoo. How amazing!

I paint completely differently from how I tattoo, and the colours I use are massively different, so this was quite a challenge, like an artistic crossover. I had a great time, thanks to Christine for choosing my painting to get as a tattoo!

Riley was after a sort of art nouveau piece, involving thistles and a fox. I drew this for her, but unfortunately we will only have time to do the outline before Riley moves back to her native Canada. Another artist will have to finish this piece, I hope i get to see a picture of the finished article…

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