4-7th may Hamburg Jungbluth guest spot

Posted: 12/05/2015 in Uncategorized

that time of the year again, and i packed my bags to go to Hamburg to work at my friend Charly’s studio, Jungbluth.

I was delighted o discover that the Jungbluth now has a designated tattoo receptionist in the studio, as opposed to a general enquieries desk in another shop downstairs. This always led to lots of miscommunication and misinformation, and general chaos when it came to bookings. I have been making all my own bookings via facebook or email, thereby cutting out a lot of potential for bad bookings, but also for new customers…

I’m happy there is now a better system in place, and I apologise to any of my Hamburg customers who have experienced difficulties. Onwards and upwards 🙂

My first customer was the lovely Martje, we are working on a mermaid on her leg, and today we added a bit of a map in the background, a map of the coastline in Germany where she is from. As you can see from the picture, we are also planning a compass at the bottom next time, as well as an anchor and other nautical images. I love he way this is coming together!

Hamburg in general has a strong nautical identity, it has a massive trade harbour and is called ‘the gateway to the world’ in Germany.  Germany as a whole doesn’t have much in the way of coast, so this makes the north of Germany quite distinctly different from the rest, which is either characterised by heavy industry, or mountains.

There can’t be that many germans like martje, a girl who lives to surf and spend time on the beach. This tattoo is perfect for her.

I also did a rework on an old piece that Verena wasn’t too happy with, it didn’t flow too well and was a bit bulky. The idea was to draw it out a bit and make it a bit more delicate, by adding some soft swirls and some more of the little stars we have included in other work I have done for her.

the next day i started a magnolia piece, i say started because even though we did exactly what she had planned in her head, I can see this one growing- plant tattoo have a habit of doing this, just like their real inspirations 🙂

(Maybe next time I can persuade her to get a background, too)

And for a very special girl, for her 18th birthday, I gave Emily an anchor tattoo. Happy birthday and welcome to the club!

Ronnie had a koi on one forearm, and was after koi dragon on the other forearm, in a similar position as the koi. We got the outline and some shading done, it looks finished enough to not be a problem to leave it for 6 months, until I’m back and can colour it.

Last but certainly not least, Marco the badass, who can sit for 7 hours and get his back tattooed. HATS OFF!

we got his collage of images down last time, today we added colour and shadows, and tied it all together. One more short session for finishing touches, but his backpiece is pretty much there! Considering we only get to work on it every 6 months, this is a bit of a miracle, and entirely down to Marco’s badassery. 🙂

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