30th january -4th february

Posted: 05/02/2015 in Uncategorized

another brave soldier- Ross was booked in for an all day session, which is 7 1/2 hours…

after 6 hours of doing just scales, and just finishing them all, my tattoo machine broke. I don’t know if it was me or Ross who willed the machine to stop, both or spirits were crumbling a bit by this stage and i think the machine just joined in 🙂

Brad got we nice sheep design

and Darrell got another session on his geisha backpiece

would you know it, after never having done a tengu in my life, two come along! here is Viki’s, there will be some colour in the blossoms

our Olivia was well overdue a bat tattoo, and today was the day. It’s a chinese good luck bat, and now that she has one on her leg she should be sorted for life! ‘Lucky Liv’ the famous tattoo lady- maybe her legendary luck will travel through her tattoo machine into her customers, and they, too, will be very lucky! Worth a try, wouldn’t you agree?

The knee is not the easiest place to get tattooed, and I was trying to be extra gentle, yet swift. Because i love her, of course, and also because she was tattooing me two days later. I didn’t want to arouse any feelings of revenge in her.

Alistair’s dragon sleeve is getting there, some more colour here and there and a bit of tidying up still to go

and last but certainly not least, another session on Tony’s dragon sleeve. the dragon will be in muted shades of purple, with some yellow on the crest , belly and hair


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