23rd – 28th january

Posted: 01/02/2015 in Uncategorized

oops, late blog.. I completely forgot to write it, and didn’t even realise until a got a stern reminder from our receptionist Fraser. I may be going senile (yes, ‘going’, cheeky buggers!)

so here is the late blog..

John had a short session to finish his sleeve, although I’d like to see it again once it’s healed to fuss over it a bit more

Byron also had a short session, (January is a month of widely felt financial embarrassment), and we put some basic colour into one of his flowers. There is a big scar under this flower, so i decided to put a flat mid tone over most of it, and see how it takes before adding shadows and detail

the third mini session of the day was for Matthew, we finally added the sugar skull make up to his lady face piece

Ali had a proper old school,big tiger head on his arm, and wanted me to add tiger lilies around it. The idea was to match the size of the piece I did on his other arm, not to cover up the existing tiger head, although we will try and jazz it up a bit . Colour next time

Alex is getting a sleeve, with a tengu, a geisha and some flowers, there will also be a waterfall in the background. today we started at the bottom, with the geisha and some flowers.

if you are wondering what  tengu is, read here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tengu

John has been a rare visitor of late, but today we had a short session on his backpiece. a section was needed to be added to one of the finish on his arm, and i worked on a bit of colour here and there

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