7- 14th january

Posted: 15/01/2015 in Uncategorized

kicking off the new year was Tony, who is getting a dragon sleeve, with a couple of dragonflies chucked in for balance 🙂 Why did I never think of those two together??

my next customer was a special visitor from Hamburg, the lovely Martje. We started a mermaid piece last time I was in working in Hamburg, and she was keen to get it finished, so she booked herself a short city break to Edinburgh. Our lovely weather here was putting on  a particularly bad performance for her, I’m sorry to report…. let’s hope that hasn’t put her off coming back!

John is working on an extension to his tribal piece, we have added some roses, a clock face and an urn carrier, tying it all together with negative space and movement, which is to help the transition from the strong lines of the tribal

one more session to tweak some details and we are done

you can never have too many skulls! Coco’s side in progress

( I love skulls. I have a slight addiction to this site http://www.skullis.com/  )

I am working on a rework and continuation of Gavin’s flower sleeve. The top part was done by an amateur and needs fixing up, today I put in some basic colours to the upper flowers which had been lined by said amateur. It was bad. It’s starting to look ok. Next time we can really sort this by putting depth and detail in, hopefully it will blend in nicely with the forearm, where had a clean slate.

there is also the matter of the tribal armband, some of it will disappear in the dark background, but where there are some visible parts, Roz will do her magic with the laser to lighten them so that we can put colour over them

another session on Joe’s dragon, just some finishing touches to go now

and Lesley-ann’s peacock is finished! Not bad for a first piece 🙂

also getting there is Kiaran’s sleeve, which had been a very organic journey from our original plan to just tweak the original sleeve a bit to a complete transformation. The result is warm, visually textured and intriguing, and not something I would ever have come up with were it not for the fact that we had  the original work underneath.

Kiaran gave me free reign to work on this, and I’ve just kept adding layers of colour and detail- great fun! I know his approach isn’t for everyone; specially when it comes to tattoos, most people want to know what the finished piece will look like. I am lucky to have trusting customers who enjoy the creative process as much as I do.






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