12th- 17th december

Posted: 18/12/2014 in Uncategorized

we’re feeling festive! here’s our rock’n’roll christmas tree at tribe in Glasgow 🙂 you can’t have enough skull baubles or skeleton decorations

Harry is getting a cover up of some tribal, luckily his tribal never progressed past the outlines, so it’s easy to cover. Where the lines are still in the way, Roz or Laura will work their magic with the laser. I’m still establishing the values, and will also add more shading and detail at a later stage

Byron needed a half sleeve added to his existing work, and he chose flowers with a japanese feel to it. The upper part of his sleeve was done in his native South Africa, and it’s a sort of biomech style, but we are taking a complete break from that.

Our angie was under the needle again, she still has some pesky plain skin on her arms, but we are working on it! She loves the sketchy arty and bold look, so we used a design she found and liked and adapted it to suit her. This still leaves some even more pesky gaps now….

It’s been a while since i had John in, and today his sleeve extended up the way, more skulls and leaves. You can’t have enough skulls as we have already established, and there will be even more once we add the next stage of this piece a detailled mandala going onto his chest, which will have small skulls in the patterns 🙂

Lesley-ann is getting there with her paisley peacock, one more session to do some grey swirly background, finish off the wing and colour the cherry blossoms.

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