5th – 10th december

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another epic session for Amy, we finished her peacock 🙂 i will want her in again in a couple of months to see how it all settled in and do any refining where necessary. The colours will pop more when Amy reverts back to her white skin, but as a competing body builder, she keeps very tanned, which influences the way the colours appear.

once we have completed it, i will take photos of the whole thing, calf to neck,  and hopefully Amy will indulge me and strike some awesome poses!

Brag’s leg is finished! It’s really come together with the last gaps being filled, and the black/grey with reds really hold the different elements together. The pictures brad chose for this collage are striking and iconic, including Picasso’s Guernica at the top and reflect Brad’s personal politics.

Leg tattoos are great, the leg is not as ‘public’ a skin as say the arm, so you can be more bold or adventurous without the worry of having to explain yourself all the time.

excuse the massive pictures, I’m in the process of putting them all together into one sequence.

Darrell’s backpiece is slowly emerging, it’s going to be colourful and rich

another finished piece, Andy’s koi, just one last finishing session required next year

Ross is working on two sleeves at once 🙂 today we finished off the black and grey background. It’s going to be a mostly black and grey affair, with the odd bold colour accent

Lorraine had an image that she loved, by an Edinburgh artist Stewart Brenner, and i was keen to do it for her. It’s influenced by Alphonse Mucha’s art, which I adore.

I’m reworking a sleeve on Kiaran, by another tattooist, last time we added some cute faces and today i started on some texture. I’m so taken by how the patterns look on the yellow background, that I’m tempted to add more yellow in the background in places








  1. It’s nice to see my work on skin. Great job!

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