20th nov -3rd december

Posted: 04/12/2014 in Uncategorized

Neil has a half sleeve of tribal by other artists, that he wanted to extend into a sleeve. He didn’t want to carry on with tribal, though, but preferred a japanese look to match the sleeve we did on his other arm.

I went for quite chunky and dark, classic windbars, and kept the flow as strong as the tribal. We got the lining and some basic shading done today, and already it looks much more complete

Pam was in to get her flowers finished, it’s only been 4 years! 🙂 there was the small matter of the baby that was born in the meantime, taking up all her time…

Joe got his dragon worked on, now we are just needing to refine some colouring in the scales, finish the belly scales and we are done!

And sticking with reds and oranges, Alistair got some colour in his koi today, and we managed to get the flames around his dragon, done, too. Now he just needs to decide which colours he wants his dragon to be, because that will be next

Barry has been fighting a battle with a terrible piece on his back, someone tattooed a monster with a koi and outlined some bad waves and clouds at the top. I have started to save this by reworking the monster and koi a bit (more work needs to be done of course, specially on the monster’s head) and by adding a scene around the sides and below.

In addition Roz has been lasering the lines at the top, and today we decided to go for it and start with the clouds and sun to try and make what’s left of them disappear.

The lines will continue to fade, even without more lasering, but in either case we have the option to zap the lines that are still in the way some more.

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