14th -19th november

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our Angie got her chest piece finished, we’d done the birds and the rose last time, today we added the black ink splashes and sketchy lines, plus the names. The font of the names is deliberately scratchy, to fit in with the design and to make them less obvious

I did a 3/4 sleeve on Lee a couple of years ago, and unsurprisingly he now wanted to bring it right the way down. If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard this…..   🙂

we continued the water and added another flower, all in keeping with the original piece

john was booked in for a whole day, he was keen to make a good start on his sleeve, and if you can sit for that long, why not? 71/2  hours is no joke, though, so hats off to anyone who can take it. It’s not just the pain, but sitting still for so long, too, it’s very draining apart from being painful. After the long session you are left with a lot of healing tattoo to deal with, too. I’m certainly not trying to put anyone off, but if you are planning on an all dayer, be realistic about how much you can take…

John did really well. We structured it so that the last part of the session was on a less sensitive part of the arm, but that isn’t always possible. In our case we did the pocket watch last.

John wanted to add to a panel at the top of his arm, he had had some sections lasered, but they were still quite dark and will need more sessions. To be fair, the design is kept quite flexible at that part, so depending on how much more lasering he get’s done, I can work with it. The tribal dictates the flow of the piece to a degree, just so that it doesn’t jar and look out of place too much.

we did a lady with an urn, the pocket watch and some roses, all pulled together with wispy negative space like wind or rays.

It’s been a long while, but in Glasgow John was back to get some more work done to his backpiece, we are now starting up again and working on the edges. The side bits needed extending, as did the section at the top of th arm. We didn’t have much time, so the outlines are just sketched in

andy got some colour in his koi, and we started on the flower but ran out of time…to be continued






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