7th – 12th November

Posted: 14/11/2014 in Uncategorized

My customers are wonderful people, some have mad and creative ideas…none more so than Stephen. You may remember his sleeve which was a tattoo adaptation of a water colour painting by the horror writer Clive Barker, now he was after a full frontal torso piece based on a drawing by Alasdair Gray.

Alasdair Gray is a scottish author and artist, you may know his book ‘Lanark’, he is as madly creative as they come, so this piece is great fun.

It will develop slowly, as Stephen only plans to come once or twice a year, so you will have to have patience to watch this madness unfold. Here is the first installment, I really enjoyed tattooing all the little details from his artwork and trying to figure out what it all means..

Sadie was in next, she is getting some pink and purple cabbage roses, actually they are covering some coloured stars she got a long time ago. Sadie doesn’t like any black in her tattoos, and she can get away with it as her skin is so pale.

Btw, check out those fabulous nails!

Brad’s socialist leg piece is getting there, today we filled the last big gap. Still some smaller gaps to go, and some fine tuning, but it has really taken shape. I love how bold this is

a short session on danny’s phoenix, he is moving back to Belfast and we are trying to get it done before he leaves, so even a short session helps

Another bold piece- Darrel’s japanese backpiece has taken a leap forward, with the bottom section sketched out and the red sky finished

for some reason we had been concentrating on the lower part of Joe’s sleeve, but today we tackled the chest section. We did some background shading behind the dragon’s head and under the upper arm where we hadn’t got round to it last time. All in all a sore session..

Alistair’s dragon also needed some shading done on the chest panel , this piece will be lively and colourful when we’re done

speaking of being bonkers, we got a request for a tattoo of flying seagulls, being fed by a man covered in bread…

and I saw this on the pin-board, what exactly goes on in some of your brains? 🙂



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