31st oct- 5th nov

Posted: 06/11/2014 in Uncategorized

I hope you all had a spooky Halloween, or day of the dead if you happen to be mexican, celebrating ‘the time  after the last harvests, when the barren earth is though to give passage to the souls lying beneath it’

I had the chance to tattoo a day of the dead lady, or should i say, add the skull make up to an existing lady, but I ran out of time! So Matthew’s day of the dead lady face is still just a lovely lady, i will add her make up next time!

Matthew’s piece is all about the passing of time, with a pocket watch, a winged hour glass and the (not so) day of the dead lady.  Very topical! Today I concentrated on the scrolls and had time to shade two of the skulls

Our new receptionist in Glasgow, Angie, was under the needle for the start of her chest piece, two sketchy blue birds and a blue rose. there will be more ink like scratches, splodges and general sketchiness added to this next time. next time you are in the Glasgow shop, ask to see how we are getting on with it! 🙂

I also made a quick start on an unusual (for me) dragon, a more traditional chinese one. Only a short session, so just some line work today.

Lesley ann was in for her first tattoo, a nice big peacock on her hip, but she liked the tail feathers to be like a sort of paisley pattern.

I’m a bit of a fan of paisley pattern, I have some tattooed on one of my hands. Did you know that it’s named after the scottish town of Paisley? Paisley used to be a centre for cotton weaving and printing, back in the 18th and 19th centuries , and the patterns they became famous for, was their version of indian fabric patterns.  A kind of indian/scottish hybrid. I think it’s very cool, and a kind of scottish reference without being twee.

we ran out of time during the colouring in, but you can start to get the idea

andy was after a koi and flower sleeve, quite bold and flowing, today we worked on the shading a bit





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