17th, 18th,28th + 29th october

Posted: 30/10/2014 in Uncategorized

a bit of a random mixture of dates for this blog, but i went to Hamburg in the week between and felt it would be more sensible to group the work into blogs relating to the countries the tattoos were done in.

I use this blog as a way of reminding myself how far i got with pieces, it acts like a memory to me at times (makes up for not having one 🙂  )

before I left for Hamburg I had Gerald’s mum in, we are slowly working on a sleeve, she doesn’t like black, so it’s all in very soft colours.

we have done some lose vines with sweet peas on them, and now she felt it was time for a humming bird to go with them, again without any black. it looks a bit more vibrant now that its new,  we may have to add a bit of colour to the first pieces we did as we keep adding 🙂

billy is getting there with his water sleeve, today we added icy bits at the bottom and shaded a couple of the rune stones

Simon got some red in his roses, this is an ongoing piece that will go over his back onto his other arm, incorporating some older pieces as we go along

Our Nik had a small section on his chest piece that still needed finishing, one more sitting when it’s all healed to tidy up and work out some detailling, and he is done! it’s an epic piece, based on a painting by  Theodore Gericault called The Raft of the Medusa


and John’s sleeve has been making slow progress, but we are adding the final touches finally! One more finishing session on this before he wants to to take it further up and down his arm

(after this I disappeared off to Germany for a week)

tada, I’m back!

Ross had a short session on his geisha sleeve, unusually he is working on two sleeves at the same time, and today was the girly side.

I love this wee geisha, she does a cute bow when Ross bends his arm… (the samurai on the other arm slays a demon when he bends that arm)

I had some colour to finish off on Romany’s phoenix

and a wee bit of edging that Scott wanted me to add, he liked the more defined finish to his piece, so that’s what we did

I have been slowly and with long intervals working on mary’s half backpiece. She likes a very dark blues, so we went over the water with navy to darken them

and the kitsune is finished! 🙂 a kitsune is a nine tailed fox from japanese mythology, here it is at the bottom of a cherry tree, it makes for a very unusual and lovely piece


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