4th – 11th october

Posted: 13/10/2014 in Uncategorized

new piece on a new customer, I started a koi and flower piece on andy today. The koi will be in dark oranges and the flower as yet undecided 🙂

I’m working on a piece for gavin, another artist had started with a half sleeve of flowers, but the standard of work was low and now we are fixing it and extending it into a half sleeve. Today we got quite a bit of colour done, we still need to add detail on the new flowers and then work on the original upper part

Aileen with the geisha sleeve has decided she wants another sleeve-this usually happens- and it’s a play on/ echo of the geisha side.

The tiny golden dragon on the geisha’s kimono makes a reappearance, but on the other side now it’s full size and fills the whole upper arm. The level of detail and intricacy of the kimono fabrics on the other sleeve is echoed in the fancy scales of the dragon (which will be golden, of course).

the general flow and sweep of both sleeves is similar, so they will look related at least, but of course not identical.

there is a tiger on the forearm, looking at the dragon. They are checking each other out, but there is no malice 🙂

(I seem to be missing a better picture of the dragon)

Rick’s sleeve is nearly done, we coloured the masks today. and now we just need one more finishing session when it’s all healed. Love those masks, they are a bit different from the usual Hanyas, and full of expression


Brad had some time off over the summer, but we are back on it and adding background to his Lenin addressing the crowds

Green! Danny the Irishman is getting a green phoenix sleeve, it’s coming along, just the tail feathers and the lightening bolt to do, plus the usual finishing touches once it’s all healed

Bad photo (I find the curve of the thigh always messes with my perspective… why can’t youse all be perfectly cylindrical? Inconsiderate i say!)

this is a mucha inspired figure of a muse, with orchid flowers around her.

Mariah has dark skin, so the colours appear more muted, but in this case that’s a good thing. The colours harmonize well, unified by the skin tones.



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