26th -1st october

Posted: 02/10/2014 in Uncategorized

second session on Steven’s scrolls and skulls sleeve, with a clockface and a winged hourglass being added today. The day of the dead lady still awaits her make up…

one last session on Brian’s sleeves, now the two dragons are complete 🙂

Roddi is slowly working on an epic backpiece. it’s of Thor battling a snake, and is to look vaguely japanese and vaguely reminiscent of 80’s metal record covers. Don’t ask haha

stephen had a half sleeve of a phoenix by another artist, and wanted a dragon on his forearm to make it a sleeve. the original artist had finished the half sleeve with windbars that had a line defining the edges, making it a bit tricky to add to it without it being too obvious. A bit darker than i would normally do i, but I think we got away with it, it looks like one continuous piece

christie needed a short session on her flowers, she hadn’t decided if she wanted colour last time, and today she told me she would hold off on it and just go for black and grey in the meantime. so we added just a little detail in black and grey, it looks angry and pink now, but will fade down to a soft grey like the rest of the piece

I owed our raffi a tattoo, she did a bat piece for me a couple of months ago, so today we did her a wee mouse 🙂

I went to an art exhibition today, and there i spotted a beautiful painting of my former customer Hew. The artist has reproduced the tattoos I did for him, it was a bit surreal!  Hew had shown me designs he had come up with (he is an artist himself) and i adapted them to work as tattoos. One side was a tree, and the other side contrasted in some way, I forget the exact meaning of them. Judging by this painting, he has had some thai tattoos added to his chest now, and it looks like he has taken up fighting, maybe thai boxing, who knows.

I will need to try and contact the painter and congratulate her on an amazing piece of work, and see how it felt to paint someone else’s tattoos. Normally there are just two people involved in the process of a tattoo, the wearer and the artist. I feel like there are three of us here now, she has added another angle in a way, the tattoos have been through her eyes, her brain and her hand now- I feel we have a shared experience in  a strange way, and I’d like to meet her.

She might just think that I’m a weirdo, well, it wouldn’t be the first time…



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