18th- 24th september

Posted: 25/09/2014 in Uncategorized

scott’s scrolls and roses are done 🙂

Joe still has a long way to go! we made a start on the shading, but this dragon will be full colour, so that certainly takes quite a bit longer than black and grey

Alistair’s dragon is a cover up, another bulldog and union jack tattoo bites the dust…

wee Angie’s koi didn’t have any colour for the longest time, glad we finally sorted that!

Robbie’s iris and kingfisher piece is getting there, just one more short session.

Robbie’s email is ‘robbiethedentist’. For some reason I imagined him to be some sort of hardman, you know, someone who ‘rearranges your teeth for you’, but  it turns out that Robbie is, in fact, a dentist. There you have it, i’ve probably watched too many gangster movies

Chris (‘the officer’) is working on his samurai, dragon and geisha piece, we bashed on today and got the two basic figures in, but there is more detail to go, and there will be red accents throughout


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