12th – 17th september

Posted: 19/09/2014 in Uncategorized

a few years ago I did a cartoony, alien landscape for Andy, and today we added a couple of inches onto the bottom of it, so that it can peek out of a tshirt sleeve occasionally

Billy is getting a water sleeve, which is freezing over at the bottom, the ice will be done next time

and marilyn ‘s flower backpiece is done, we added the finishing touches to the sweet peas on her buttock today. next will be long stemmed flowers on her leg 🙂

working on brad’s leg, we started on the crowd behind Lenin, there will be more detail and some red flags waving, and a sky with planes flying above

darrell’s backpiece is coming together, we are working on the background, the horizon with the trees and the red sky, fading into pink

Brian’s sleeve is finished! it’s a mostly soft black and grey piece, with only the cherry blossoms adding an accent of colour

Alistair is in for his first ever piece, a dragon and koi sleeve…go big or go home haha!

I nearly forgot to take photos, excuse the dressing

i did a couple of pieces in Glasgow, but forgot my camera, i used the ipad’s camera, but as you can see- they are pretty poor quality

this is a cover up with red roses

  1. morag66 says:

    WordPress just told me that this is my 300th blog on this site! whoo! 🙂

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