5th – 10th september

Posted: 11/09/2014 in Uncategorized

another session on Rick’s sleeve, today we got some colour in the autumn leaves, next time we will do the theater masks, and we are getting there!

Simon has big plans for a piece that goes over the back and onto both upper arms, incorporating a few existing pieces as we go along. There are a ton of ideas floating around in Simon’s head, if we manage to find space for half of them, i think we are doing alright! 🙂

today we started with roses and scrolls, the roses will be in reds

We finished carlo’s sleeve! It’s been a collaboration with Raffi, 9sort of) I added my piece  onto hers, even though our styles couldn’t be more different. I continued the flow that Raffi had started with her Polynesian piece, and as there is an abstract dolphin in hers, we went for a water theme.

we had done everything, but left a gap for something- something that took a while to decide upon. In the end we went full circle and went with the original idea of a buddha head. I think the black and grey of it picks up the black in raffi’s piece well, and I’m pleased with how the whole thing turned out!

Alex just had a short session, but we managed to get some basic shading into his stag’s head. the antlers coming onto the shoulder was Alex’ s idea, and i love it

Another piece with scroll work, Matthew was after a sleeve with the central motif of the passing of time. He fancied skulls, and a mexican day of the dead lady, with lots of  3d scrolls tying them all together. There will be a pocket watch and a winged hour glass, too, we have left gaps for these.

And if you are wondering where the day of the dead lady is, the is there, but she hasn’t got her make up on yet! that will happen next time.

Danny’s phoenix is taking shape

Robbie is getting a large iris plant on his back, with  wee kingfisher bird perched on one of the leaves. We didn’t get round to doing the bird, that’s for next time, along with finishing the colours. The other iris will be purple

And by coincidence, Christie was also in for flowers and a kingfisher on her back (there! those strange clusters of designs that keep happening!)

hers is black and grey for now, but will have a bit of colour added, more like splashes of water colour rather than a bright piece



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