18th – 26th july

Posted: 28/07/2014 in Uncategorized

we are bringing Marilyn’s floral backpiece down over her buttock, incorporating sweet peas and a London street sign, which is where the big flower market is. marilyn has family who used to sell flowers at this this market and fond childhood memories of it. her love for all things floral goes way back

Mhari was after a straight up, traditional dragon without background, on her leg, in golden colours

gary is getting a half sleeve of roses, they will be in red once we are done. As this is a bit of a cover up, too, I decided to do the whole thing in black and grey first, to gauge the shadows required to make tho old piece disappear. Once that has settled I will add red and possibly some more black here and there

Keira’s mermaid sleeve is finished! here are some pictures I took inside as per usual, but as it was such a nice day, we went outside for a couple, too. The colours always come out so nice and bright in real daylight

Another piece completed, mark’s backpiece had some finishing touches done today, and now we are finished, tada!

I started a new cover up, Alistair was tired of his union jack and bulldog piece, and had got Roz to laser what she could off it to make it easier to cover. The blue doesn’t really laser, but even getting rid of the black outlines and fading down the red helped a lot.

The dragon will be blue with black scales, incorporatingĀ  the blue that remains from the flag.

i remembered to take a couple of pictures before, during and after the session this time


A note on the Commonwealth games; i was told to expect complete travel chaos, delays and queues on the train, and traffic jams on the motorway.

I was keeping the names and numbers of my glasgow customers on hand in case i was late and needed to let them know… but having been back and forth to Glasgow last week, i can report that i seem to be completely unaffected by any chaos on the trains or the road. maybe I’m just lucky, but there really doesn’t seem anywhere near the congestion that was predicted. fingers crossed for the same next week!



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