11th – 17th july

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another installment on rick’s arm

Ian had got a sleeve done by me a few months ago, and now wanted this totem pole piece down his back. Not my usual style, but I liked it and it is a rock reference, as it’s from  Queensryche album cover

Gavin had a half sleeve done by an amateur, and was in to see if it could be fixed and improved on, and also to make a full sleeve out of it.

The existing  flowers are a bit odd, but with some colouring they could work well, and a darker background will hide the uneven and blown out lines. Our main weapon is the continuation, though. By adding big flowers with clean lines and bold colours we will draw the eye away from the upper part. Today we did the outlines and started on the shading in the background

another Ian, this time we finished a koi and flowers sleeve, which matches but isn’t symmetrical to the sleeve we did on his other arm

And steve’s mad piece is done! he is saving a couple of white gaps for a date or two. Date as in numbers, he’s married, just in case you thought ..no?  ok

Alex had another session on his stag sleeve. I had been a bit cautious with the length of the antlers going over the shoulder, seeing as it is his first tattoo and all that, but he wished to have them extended. So now the front one goes right to the dip where the neck starts- way to go!

laura just needed a couple of finishing touches on her phoenix/ fire

and Alan was in again. He was only in a week ago, but seeing as we didnt need a long session to finish it, we went for the two sessions a week apart. Normally it’s a good idea to wait two weeks in between, specially if you are going onto or next to freshly tattooed sections on the second visit. You can see the scabby bit on the peacock we did last week, that’s what the tattoo looks like a week into the healing, in case anyone doesnt know!

the geisha is looking cute

so, apparently there is a genuine Banksy piece sprayed onto the door next to Tribe 1. The bookshop whose door it is, claims it’s a real one, and banksy did them a favour by doing it. The boys at Tribe1, Nik, George and Fraser, spoke to ‘Banksy’ while he was doing it, and if it is him, he’s a dick according to the lads. ‘Banksy’ did apologise later and promised them a canvas as way of apology (not materialised yet)

who knows- it might be real and it was banksy, or just someone trying to pull a fast one. Either way, the bookshop have put clear perspex over it and people are starting to come looking for it and photographing it. …









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