4th – 9th july

Posted: 10/07/2014 in Uncategorized

we are working on a half back piece for Marylin, today we started moving down onto the buttock, with some sweet peas, colour to follow

and a new piece, Simon wanted a phoenix on his arm, the tribal at the top was declared too big to laser, so we are working around it. It’s not too big to laser, everything is possible in  theory, but if the piece isn’t bad enough to warrant the extra hassle, expense and pain, working around it is possible. Not covering it, however

my next customer is a cancer survivour and wanted to celebrate life with a nice cherry blossom tattoo 🙂

we had time to do a wee tattoo for sheenea and her wonderful collection of pieces, today we made a start on a group od snails winding round her arm, love this, needs a bit more shading maybe, but we were pressed for time, so next time we can add whatever it needs

Helen got some flowers on her back, they all represent the four countries her grand parents came from, so a decorative piece with hidden personal meaning, nice idea!

I hadnt seen Coco for a while, and we still need to work on his rib pieces, so today we started the process of connecting the side and front pieces, there will be more skulls. Naturally. There can’t be enough Skulls!

And then wee marjorie, she got her first tattoo from me 15 years ago, to celebrate her silver wedding, and now it was time for a tattoo to celebrate her ruby anniversary! The two flowers are sweet william and Marjory, their namesakes, very cute 🙂

We also added a few little swirls to a piece we did a few months back

and then on Hannah, more flowers! it’s been quite the week for them, I do like a nice flower tattoo.

this one is a bit different, it’s a water colour by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, not his usual style, but very beautiful

Last but not least, Alan’s flower, geisha and peacock piece, just some colour in the autumn leaves and some general tidying up to do now and he’s done, apart from maybe some more shading in the tail feathers. Those cover an old and lasered piece, so i will need to see how that settles and see what else needs done





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