27th june- 2nd july

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we are bringing gerald’s backpiece further down over his buttocks, a hanya mask on one side, and a lady on the other. The picture of the lady is one gerald found online, I don’t know much about it, but it makes a nice counter part to the theatrical hanya mask. We will bring more waves and movement down and around the mask and the lady.

Aileen’s sleeve is coming along, we have been enjoying the detail on the fabrics of her geisha’s kimono, but there was still a gap to fill on the underside of the upper arm, so we tackled that today. There are little crane birds on one of the sections of the kimono, so as a way of echoing those, we added a large one flying in the clouds above. As we had some time left, we worked on the rest of the sky, too, but there is some shading left to do.

Megan is getting a half sleeve of the chinese goddess of vegetarianism and compassion, today we worked on the intricate mandalas around her, adding earthy colours that reflect megan’s australian roots and aboriginal art.

Kiaran had a short session to get some more shading added to her leg piece, here we are working to combine a few existing pieces with a cloudy background, adding a couple of simple birds to the mix

Also working around an existing piece is barry, we had a go at fixing the  strange piece in the middle as it was too big to be lasered, but it still needs to be finished off. There are some crazy lines at the top of the back which barry is having lasered, so we are working our way up from the bottom, today we added some bamboo and some waves under the fish. Once the whole thing is done, the middle piece wont be the first thing you notice anymore.

We finished Frank’s waves and skull hanya mask (or ‘bad face’ as his wee kids call it 🙂 )

and worked on Jude’s Kitsune fox piece, today we made a start on the background which will bring the piece together

We have a new jewellery cabinet at Tribe 1!  The old (and boring) Ikea cabinet gave up the ghost after 15 years, which isn’t too bad really.

I wanted something a bit more interesting, so a quick trip to the antique shop provided this nice old piece, and we have been having fun decorating it.

I found a couple of dragon handles which were the latest addition to it, here is Nik trying them out 🙂

til next week, bye from me

and Mona



  1. That “bad face” is incredible

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