20th – 25th june

Posted: 26/06/2014 in Uncategorized

Scott had some existing tattoos on his arm that he wanted incorporated into a larger panel or even half sleeve. The main idea was for one or two roses with scroll work around them. I made a start on the scrolls, and there will be a large rose at the top of the arm, with possibly another on the underside of the upper arm. It will remain in black and grey

also working around an older piece is Stephen, he already had a phoenix on the upper arm and wanted a traditional dragon curling around the forearm, to make up a full sleeve. Whenever you have to add onto another piece there is a compromise involved, so although Stephen didn’t really want much in the way of colour in the new piece, we might have to go for some to help it tie in with the existing work. Next time we will tidy up some of the shading and see what colours we want to add

Last session on Brian’s dragon! Well, i’ll see if anything needs any tidying up once it’s all settled in, but apart from that, we now have two dragon sleeves! They compliment and contradict each other in equal measures, and suit Brian to a T. Certainly a far cry from the collection of old tattoos that they cover up!

The next step in darrells backpiece, today we outlined and shaded some of the tree and geisha that will dominate the composition, it’s going to be full colour and is based loosely on a few old japanese prints that darrell liked. We will introduce a pond of some kind at the bottom, we needed to see what space was available before we decided, so now it’s back to the drawing board- not that there is much of a rush, the part we have settled on already will take up quite a few hours of work, plenty of time to toss a few ideas about.

Last/ second session for Alex and her phoenix, today we shaded the tail feathers

And another tattoo finished! Chris has been on a epic journey, this sleeve incorporates a wide variety of things that Chris likes and that have meaning to him. He likes chanterel mushroom, tick. Cloudberries, tick. Scottish things like the Northern Lights, a pictish carved stone and a castle ruin on Skye (name escapes me now) and even the first half of the Skye bridge-( it’s tiny, see it going onto his chest), tick! His grandpa liked racing pigeons, so we included two and the whole thing is tied together with a tree and autumn leaves blowing around… you get the idea, it’s all wonderfully Chris!

And then a tattoo virgin, but a hard as nails one- Alex sat for his first tattoo for 6 hours! He wanted a sleeve, boldly modern japanese in style but with a stag’s head at the top, with the antlers going around his shoulder. Plenty of work still to do here, but we got it all lined and some shading down







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