10th-18th june

Posted: 19/06/2014 in Uncategorized

big blog today, I have decided to only write this blog once a week now, on a thursday. A couple of reasons, one being that I don’t want to overload the people who subscribe to it and get it sent to their inbox, one email from me a week is probably more than enough!
the oher being that the pieces I do these days are much bigger than when started the blog all those years ago. There are less pieces all in, and they fit nicely in one blog a week I think. I may even not post absolutely every update on every piece, if for example do an hour on Bill’s epic blackwork, I’ve not bothered including this. I might roll that out for other short session where the progress isn’t really worth reporting, I’ll see how i feel on the day.

so here’s the first of the mega blogs

danny requested a 3/4 sleeve of just a phoenix, as usual for me I freehanded it straight onto his arm to make sure it fits nicely and wraps in a way that works. He also wanted a lightening bolt, which i think is a nice contrast to the flowing feathers

Frank was after a hanya mask skull image that he provided and i changed a bit for him. He already had a koi on the outside of his calf, so i incorporated that and continued the water around the lower leg

Harry has been getting some lasering done, and although it wasnt complete yeat, I decided it was ok o go ahead and line and roughly shade the new piece over the old lasered piece. That way Roz can laser just the bits that really need it.
It’s a cockrel and dragon piece, wih a wee rat climbing around the elbow, but due to how we are approaching it, it looks a bit confusing at the moment

Marilyn got some more colours on her flowers

and Cheryl got her first tattoo- on her foot!

I am doing a sweet geisha girl on alan’s leg, with a peacock wrapping around and some flowers. This will be a colourful piece

More blue water for Ryan, we filled the gap at the back of his arm, next step is to finish the girl with the dragon tattoo on her back, she is lying on intricately decorated fabrics

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