27th + 28th may

Posted: 29/05/2014 in Uncategorized

Steven asked me to continue his sleeve, adding on to a phoenix cover up another artists did. the problem were the closed windbars at the bottom of the design, they are a bugger to add on to, specially if there is a thick black line joining them all at the bottom. I tried to fill the gap as well as possible without getting an unnaturally straight line which would give the game away.
The piece we added on will be a traditionally scaled black dragon with green belly scales, and possibly some colour in the flames. I suspect we might need to add that bit of colour to make the top and the bottom part of the design blend somewhat.

Steve got an addition to a half sleeve (by someone else) a while ago, but we hadn’t finished it. he had also in the meantime decided that he wasn’t keen on the negative space i had left, so I closed those gaps by continuing the design through them.
It’s a mountain scene based on a particular mountain close to where Steve lives.

and another black and grey add on! 🙂 Jonathan had got a thistle with a drop of purple done a few months back, and now wanted to add a rose at the top, which we did


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