21st-26th may, belfast convention

Posted: 26/05/2014 in Uncategorized

laura wanted a black and grey phoenix, with flames making up the wings. we aren’t quite finished here, one more session to sharpen up and define a bit more in places

Liam’s buddha is finished 🙂

Christopher has been having a break from getting tattooed, but now wants his sleeve finished. We are working on a collage of images that tell Christopher’s story, today we added some thorny branches, and further up some clouds

Helen got the start of a floral piece across the top of her back, the four different flowers are representative of the countries her grandparents came from, a really nice idea- decorative and and meaningful to her in a subtle way

On saturday morning Nik, John and I flew to belfast to set up at the 4th Norhern irish tattoo convention. It’s my first time at this convention, but I have friends in belfast and have visited he city many times, so this almost felt quite like a local convention to me.

I had promised Nik some more work on his chest, and a convention is a good way to work on friends and colleagues, as sometimes back at home everyone is just too busy and it doesn’t get done.
We added some shading to his shipwreck scene

John also got a bit of shading and colouring done to his sleeve, which has been a long time in the making.. the first drop of colour I touched all week!

sorry about the bad photos

and I did a purple peony on a lovely girl called chesney

the Belfast convention was held in the Ulster Hall, a beautiful little place that has a long history of hosting boxing events. they even had a little boxing museum in the corridor, with a Lonsdale belt on show amongst other things, very cool.
The hall is small, so the convention was, too, (only 67 artists) but that gave it a real sense of fun and made it easy to meet other artists and the organisers. I really enjoyed this one, and I’ll be putting it on the yearly convention list as a fixture!

here is the nice ceiling on the hall, i took both these pictures from the same spot (my booth) so you can see how wee the place is

here’s Nik 🙂

and my friend helen from Skullduggery tattoos opposite me

Those irish people like to party! I’m knackered!

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