2nd + 3rd may

Posted: 06/05/2014 in Uncategorized

Alexa is working on a watery steampunky piece with a diving bell and cogs, a lot of fun!

Also working on a watery theme is billy, he is getting a blue water sleeve to compliment his fiery dragon on the other side. We are going around a koi by another artists on the upper arm

My next day was something completely different.
I had decided to do a fundraiser for the Sae Shepherd organisation, which meant I worked for free for a day and all the money went to them, instead.

I have been disgusted with the whale and dolphin slaughter that goes on in the Faroe Islands every year, and embarrassed that such a backwards and barbaric tradition is still practised on Island who are essentially our neighbours. When I heard that the Sea Shepherd were organising a campaign to stop it this year, I wanted to help out.

The idea was to spend all day doing small pieces, or small sessions on larger pieces, anything the customer wanted. Most of my customers turned out to be supporters of the Sea Shepherd who wanted to contribute to the campaign, but there were a few who didn’t know anything about it but left with a leaflet πŸ˜€

The day was a great success, we raised more money than I had expected, people were wonderfully generous! We had a massive Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger flying outside the shop and inside a small stall with information about the cause, and a Sea Shepherd volunteer on hand to explain it all (thanks Carlo!)

Here are some of the pieces that I did during the day. nik kindly donated a bit of his time, too, and did three wee pieces for the fundraiser.






Link to follow, having network probs)




Thanks again to everyone who made this day a great success πŸ˜€

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