25th + 26th april

Posted: 28/04/2014 in Uncategorized

After having one sleeve- a peacock- Rick wanted to get the other arm sleeved, no surpise there! not many people only have one sleeve, if they have, it’s usually because they haven’t got round to getting the second one done. Once you’ve started decorating your arms, untattooed skin looks well, a bit boring 🙂

So we are going for a dramatic dragon and masks design, with lots of red and black to compliment the soft blues and pinks of the other arm.
Apart from the colours and nature of the design, we are keeping the flow relatively similar, to make sure they work well together.

Aileen is working on her geisha design, we started on the fabrics of her kimono last time, today we focused on the autumn leaves and some of the grey here and there

a short session on steven’s design to add some colour

and a longer session on Brian to get the scales of his dragon finished. It’s starting to take shape now!

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