15th – 19th april

Posted: 21/04/2014 in Uncategorized

Marylin has a lot of tattoos by other artists, but now I got half a back to cover in freehand flowers 😀
we got the basic shapes and shading done -Marylin sat like a rock for 4 hours- next time we will get stuck into colours and detail

Kayleigh was after a cute geisha looking over her shoulder, with waves around her. The whole thing was to have quite a traditional and authentically japanese print feel to it

I have been working on Erik’s sleeve in stages, at the moment we are working on an extension with two koi, one green and one blue, to represent his wee daughters. The daughters’ birthstones are emerald and sapphire, hence the colours. That’s a better idea than to let them choose the colours, otherwise he would most likely end up with at least one pink koi!
w are still working on the background

Matt is also getting an addition to his sleeve, he decided to go above the tribal band he has, and fill the top with more poppies. Not quite finished here yet, and need to add some more detail to the older poppies to make them blend a bit better

We nearly got all the colour done to Chris’ phoenix, bar two tail feathers. We are also talking about adding a grey cloud background now

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