2nd – 5th april

Posted: 08/04/2014 in Uncategorized

Ryan was in for a session where we added some blue water to his sleeve. Ryan is doing it the other way round from the usual- his background is in colour and the koi and geisha in black and grey 🙂
this gives it a more manga style look.
the geisha is work in progress, as is the half hanya mask on the inside of the upper arm.

Another female figure piece was next, Megan wanted a depiction of the chinese goddess of vegetarianism, Kuan Yin. She is also partial to mandalas (round patterned panels), and specifically ones with a flower of life motif in them. this is going to be a jewel of a piece, with lots of colour and detail

Ross’ phoenix sleeve is pretty much done, we are now just waiting to get the darkest bits of the old tattoo lasered to lighten them a bit, so that we can incorporate that section into the whole design.
the phoenix wraps around some old work that i relined and shaded, and added some colour to help it blend in a bit better.

Tim is getting there, too! We have completed some major work on his legs and have moved back to the arms.
One day we will fix all the bumps and scrapes on his legs that have left pale patches in his black, but for now I quite like the ‘battle scars’

I did a piece for Ross a while ago, and having lived with it, he now wanted it to expand a bit in all directions, which we did today

First timer Alec was after a chinese dragon, in black and grey, with lots of drama

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